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  • Location: Check-in and race day info will be available in the Wayzata Community Sailing Center
  • Parking: The Wayzata Yacht Club parking lot is available to us every sunday
  • Dates: Sundays - Jan. 9-Feb. 27 (8 scheduled weeks)
    • Our permit allows lake use on Saturdays as well, so we may schedule fun races or reschedule canceled Sunday races on Saturdays.
  • Times: First warning is at 11:00am each Sunday We recommend arriving around 9:30am, to get set up and have time to get to the race course.
  • Registration: In order to compete, you must be a registered member of the Wayzata Yacht Club. A "Crew" membership is allowed, and is only $100. To register, follow this link:
  • Waiver: Every competitor must also sign a liability waiver. Copies will be available each Sunday at the Wayzata Community Sailing Center (our Home Base)
  • Safety Equipment Check (once per season): After registering with WYC and signing your waiver, you must show one of the Fleet Liaisons (myself or Matt Resch) that you have the following required equipment:
    • Helmet
    • Ice Picks (and string/cord to carry around neck)
    • Safety Leash - connecting your harness to the flag line on your bar
    • A functioning chicken loop on your kite bar, and knowledge of how to eject.
    • A jersey with a legible racing number - for scoring purposes

Check the WYC Snowkite Fleet #1 facebook page for updates and more info. And please respond to me directly with any questions.

Looking forward to seeing you on the ice in a couple weeks!


The Registration "Snowkiting" is not currently available.


Volunteer Race Committee: If you're interested in helping run our Sunday races, please let me know! We have a separate communication list for our volunteers, and would love to welcome any willing volunteers.