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MORC Fleet


Fleet Captain     Jeff Dahlin
Web Editor        Jack Christophersen     


Mr. Rodney Wallace (Rod) is the major league yachtsman of Minnesota and a deserving candidate for the MORC Hall of Fame. His yachting history has contributed significantly in advancing the image of sailboat racing in Minnesota.  On Lake Minnetonka he was instrumental in maintaining MORC keelboat racing at the Wayzata Yacht Club (WYC) by serving on the board of directors and holding several offices within the MORC Fleet.

WYC is a member-owned club and relies heavily on the Board of Directors to provide direction for the club’s future.  During his tenure on the Board he held the position of buildings and grounds chair and provided the necessary leadership in constructing the WYC Clubhouse in 1980.  In addition he supervised the acquisition of the West property to double the club area in 1983.


    Sail # Name Owner
    18 Split Decision Mark Christopher
    2001 Women's Work Steve Mulich
    233 Mischief Russ Loomis
    290 Anticipation Roger Slater
    48 Dansk Jeff Dahlin
    430 Dream Fisher Dick Jackson


    The MORC fleet at the Wayzata Yacht Club started in the late 1960s and in 20 years grew to about 50 boats.  The MORC International Regatta, held on Lake Minnetonka in 1999, attracted 53 boats and remains one of the best events ever conducted by the WYC.

    The MORC measurement handicap system provides a time adjustment for the nautical miles raced for similar, but different, design/manufactured boats, so they can race competitively against each other.

    In the beginning, there were three different classes, MORC I (which is now the S2 7.9 Fleet), MORC II and MORC III.  Boats were placed in the appropriate fleet according to their MORC rating, allowing boats of similar handicap to race together.

    Many of the MORC boats are considered dual purpose because they are well designed for racing, as well as cruising with family or friends.  Normally they have ample cockpit room and a full cabin with sizable storage space and four bunk beds for overnights on the water.

    During the 1980s, strong interest developed in one-design racing.  The result was a number of one-design fleets were established, attracting sailors from the MORC fleets, which in turn caused a decline in its numbers for racing.  Today there remains an active fleet of 5 boats that compete regularly in the WYC’s MORC racing series.