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Capri 25 Fleet


Fleet Captain Hermann Klaas      
Secretary          Aaron Boudreau
Treasurer           Kathie Wright
Rules Chair Nils Brennom
Technical Chair Dan McNamara
Social/Awards Chair Ludwig Von Gohren

Fleet Dues

It's that time again! Please pay your fleet dues. Capri 25 Fleet dues for 2020 are $50 per boat. C Dock Party participants may deduct $20.

Star of the North Regatta

Annual 3-fleet One-Design Regatta (Capri 25, S2 7.9, Sonar)

Sponsored by Capri 25 Association

Capri 25 Association

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The WYC Capri 25 fleet is the largest Capri 25 fleet in the world.  The Capri 25 is a one-design fleet of masthead keelboats that perform well in all kinds of weather conditions.  Designed for southern California breeze, the boat is capable of moving well even in light air.  In heavy wind, this boat is a handful.  Typical crew is anywhere from 4 to 6 people consisting of a helmsman, trimmer, pit, foredeck, and tailor.