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J/24 Fleet


Fleet Captain   Bernie Soya
Fleet Treasurer Steve Rickman
U-Gotta Regatta - J/Fest Upper Midwest Chair      Bernie Soya
Web Editors

Joshua Bone and Steve Rickman

J24 Fleet Registration and Dues

J24 Fleet dues for 2021 are $75 per boat.


U-GOTTA REGATTA - J/Fest Upper Midwest 2022 - October 1st and 2nd. We will host racing for 3 Fleets: J/24's, J/22's and J/70's.

Dave Cool Memorial Icebreaker Regatta

The Dave Cool Memorial Icebreaker Regatta (J/22 & J/24).

Sponsored by J/24 Association

J/24 Association

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Founded in 1977 by John Gjerde, the Wayzata Yacht Club J/24 Fleet is the first and oldest J/24 fleet in the world.  Since established, the fleet has had many accomplishments.  It hosted the 2013 J/24 US National Championship, and the 2009 J/24 North American Championship.

Lake Minnetonka is the perfect body of water for racing the J/24 class of sailboat.  The fleet is an experienced and thriving organization with many individuals dedicated to growing the fleet, the club, and the sport of sailing.  We assist potential new boat owner including boat shopping, boat setup, repair, tuning, and maintenance.  The novice and top of the fleet boats alike can enjoy tight one-design racing.