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PHRF Fleet


Commodore Josh Garvin  
PHRF I (spinnaker)
Fleet Captain 
Clay Babcock
PHRF II (non-spinnaker)
Fleet Captain      
Todd Gustafson
Secretary / Treasurer Chuck Ulmer
Rating Committee Chair / Website Dan Schertner

Fleet Rules

WYC PHRF Fleet Rules


The WYC PHRF fleet consists of two racing fleets with a combined total of over 40 sailboats that compete using the Performance Handicap Racing Formula (PHRF) for scoring.  PHRF Fleet I (PHRF - I) allows the use of a spinnaker, while PHRF Fleet II (PHRF - II) is a non spinnaker fleet.  Racing is open to all un-modified self-righting monohull sailboats that are 17 ft LOA or longer and we welcome new crew members, and in particular potential new boats to the fleet.

Annual Fleet Meeting

The PHRF annual fleet meeting is Wednesday, April 13 at 6:30 via Zoom. Remember to fill out the handicap form below and pay your $25.00 fleet dues.  An email was sent to the PHRF Fleet email list.

Handicap Form

There is an online handicap form. Link is below.

  • Fill out the form completely
  • Enter all dimensions in decimal feet. This includes your head sail LP. 
  • Fill out 2 forms completely if you intend to sail in both PHRF I & PHRF II.
  • Declare what fleet will be your default fleet to sail in. 
  • Get your form in as soon as possible with your $25 fleet dues, as it takes time to get everything in and submitted to the scoring chair to be in the system. If you get your form/payment in late, you run the risk of having a handicap of 1 for a while. This also includes your club membership fee. You will not be entered in to the system by the scoring chair until that is paid as well. 
  • If you have any questions or concerns about your handicap, please email the PHRF Ratings Chair, Dan Schertner, directly with them. He will do his best to get back to you quickly with a clear response.
  • If you have any questions in regards to the WYC PHRF Fleet rules, you can review them here,
  • If you do not know your J I P E dimensions for your boat, you can go to and look your boat up there. 

PHRF Handicap Form

Click the link above to fill out your handicap form.

PHRF Fleet Dues Payment Form

Click the link above to pay your annual fleet dues of $25.00 Please do not mail a check.



In 1979 Larry Klick had an Ettchell 22 he wanted to race at WYC. That boat and others did not fit the MORC requirements, some of which are self-bailing cock-pit, two 6ft. berths and being measured. Larry did some searching and realized PHRF would be the answer. The beauty of PHRF was that it had an established National Rating system that would be easy to use.  Twenty-two joined. Presently there are 39 Members.

There were two fleets that raced with spinnakers and one non-spinnaker. In 2006 the group voted to have a division with spinnakers and non-spinnaker.  The extra trophies left from PHRF lll were used for Women's Series, BI, M, and Frostbite.

We are known as a welcoming, competitive, friendly group with good parties.