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WYC Membership

The Wayzata Yacht Club is a non-profit sailboat racing club that is owned and operated by its members.  A paid membership is required for racing your boat at WYC. See below for 2023 membership rates.

See club bylaws for membership details.

Full Membership


Full membership is appropriate for those intending to race a boat, moor at the club docks, and vote on club issues.  Full memberships include your spouse and young children.

Upon joining, or upgrading membership status, a one-time $400 membership certificate must be purchased.

Skipper Membership


Skipper memberships are popular for sailors who do not own a boat, but wish to regularly act as the required "member-on-board".

Additionally, all equity holders in boat partnerships are required to be Skipper or Full Members.

Skipper members are not eligible to vote or earn mooring points at the club.

Crew Membership


Crew membership provides sailors who crew or skipper small boats at WYC with club mailings, a club parking permit, access to club grounds and facilities, and guilt-free access to refreshments after the race.

Crew members may also act as the "member-on-board" on a limited basis as noted in the Notice of Race eligibility and entry (section 2.2.2).

A crew membership is required after participating in 5 races.

How to Join

Register online (administered by SportsEngine). Click the link on the right side of this page.

If you are new to WYC and plan to race your own boat, we encourage you to immediately contact the appropriate Fleet Captain to introduce yourself and learn of any requirements or dues for joining a specific fleet within the club.

Become A Member

Apply for membership via our member portal hosted by The Clubspot.

Use this link to email changes to your EXISTING membership record.

Barb Speltz

Barb Speltz

Membership Committee Chair

Phone: ‭612.801.9321

Benefits Full Skipper Honorary Crew Assn*
Racing X X X X**
Voting Privileges X
Spouse Membership X
Children <25 Membership X
Qualify as "Member on Board" for racing X X X X***
Mooring Priority X
West Lot Parking X X
East Lot Parking X X X X
Host non-sailing events at YC X
Own a partnership interest in moored boat X X X
Personal use of facilities/grounds X X X X
Complimentary beverages X X X X

* Individual racing members of an association must be a member of WYC and follow member rules.
** Required after five races.
*** Up to 3 races
Please see club bylaws for membership details.