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Sailing Seminars and Training

Spring Series - On-the Water Training

Saturday Mornings in May

The best place for new sailors to test the waters and for experienced sailors to practice race course skills and for boat owners to pick up new crew. 

Session 1: Practice luffing, overtaking and mark roundings on a short course, perpendicular to the wind.

Session 2: Practice starts at 3-minute intervals. More starting practice than most skippers get in an entire season!

Session 3: See demonstrations of packing and flying a spinnaker, then participate in the Graduation Cup race around Big Island. Trophy awarded after the race.


  • 8:00 am: Continental Breakfast
  • 8:30 am: Short lecture on the rules that apply to the training drill for that day. 
  • 9:30 am: Crew and guest instructor assignments and the "on the water" drills begin.
  • Noon: Lunch and review of the drills at the clubhouse.


  • Members: $15 per session or $35 for all three.
  • Non-members: $30 per session or $75 for all three
  • One Guest Instructor and One Guest Skipper per boat (Free)
  • Please pre-register in advance to help us coordinate and set up boats for the seminar.

For further information contact Terry Foster at 612-978-5089, or by email.

Winter Series

Ward off the cold, build your skills, and keep in touch with fellow sailors with our Winter Seminar Series.

Building a Race Program

Jan 18th 1900-2100. Pizza+Beer 1830

Summary: it is said there are two good days in a boat owner’s life; the day they buy their boat, and the day they sell it.  This seminar will help guide crew how to take the first steps towards the first great day, and help guide existing owners toward the second! Join Charlie Schroder for the lively and wide ranging panel discussion including;

Types of Boat Ownership: Partnership vs purchase. Pros, cons, pitfalls. Typical partnership agreement/arrangement. 

Understanding the running costs: Boat financing costs if applicable. Slip fees. Winter storage + summer trailer storage. Membership fees: up front certificate + full member fees. 

Purchase Process: Viewing/Inspection/survey. Finding a slip

Building a program. Crew recruitment/retention. How does a crew boss help? Crew loves gear. Training vs racing

How do you sell a boat? Finding a partner. Finding a buyer

Understanding Mark Room

March22th 1900-2100. Pizza+Beer 1830

Summary: races can be won and lost at the marks.  Understanding he intricacies of the Mark-room rules, will help you have more fun and be more successful.  This will be a truly interactive seminar covering both theory and practicality of both the Windward and Leeward marks.

Join Kevin Kenny and Bruce Martinson for a lively event.  Bring your real-world stories (good, bad, and ugly), and learn from the experts how you could/should/would have got ahead. 

Beer, Pizza,

Windward Mark: theory, strategy, tactics. Audience scenarios – good, bad, ugly

Leeward Mark: theory, strategy, tactics. Dealing with gates. Audience scenarios – could ‘a, would ‘a, should ‘a!

Boat Prep – everything you wanted to ask but were afraid

April 19th 1900-2100. Pizza+Beer 1830

Summary: Every spring, we’re excited to rush to our boats, pull off the covers, and then curse the amount of work required between ice-out and first race.  This seminar is for boat owners and crew alike; as industry experts to share tips/tricks to apply bottom paint, service a winch, fix a ding, and care for sails.

Bottom Paint - the zen of bottom paint - safety, prep, removing the old, applying the new, burnishing (yes or no)

Dings/Dents - the art and science of fixing a hull or keel ding

Winches - tips for cleaning a winch, replacing pawls without loosing the springs, not applying too much grease

Sail-Care - On-the-water repairs, storage etc

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