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Sailing Seminars - Winter Series

Winter Series

Ward off the cold, build your skills, and keep in touch with fellow sailors with our Winter Seminar Series.  

The Registration "Sailing Seminars - Winter Series" is not currently available.

Tactical Compasses for Racers

What: Tactical Compasses for Racers
When: Thursday 17th Jan 2019. Beer/Wine/Pizza 1830. Start 1900. End 2100
Cost: $20 per person

Join Club Babcock to learn how you can get to the windward mark faster using the latest tactical racing compasses. Clay will overview and demo them all, and present tactics on how to best integrate them into your racing strategy. The year’s program will feature an updated presentation with even more devices on hand, and more hands-on time. A rare opportunity to see all of the devices in one place.

Products include, Raymarine – RaceMaster and Micro Compasses, Velocitek – ProStart and Shift Compasses, Nautilytics – Simple and Alloy Compasses, RaceGeek D10, Vakaros Atlas and Tacking Master – Wrist Device

Join us for a fun night with gadgets that make you faster and safer on the water.

Rules for Racers

What: Rules for Racers
When: Thursday 21st March 2019. Beer/Wine/Pizza 1830. Start 1900. End 2100
Cost: $20 per person

Join Bruce Martinson and Kevin Kenny for a lively evening of education and discussion of Racing Rules of Sailing, with a focus on practical information you can use on the race course.

Including; what does three lengths look like on the water? How long is three-lengths at 5-knots? Why is how you established overlap important? What is mark room and how do you know it you have it? 

Bruce will also lead a season on how to prepare for a protest. How does a protest work? How should you present your case? When and how are you allowed to call witnesses? And how are cases decided.

This is always a popular class with lively discussions and lots of audience participation.

Essential Rope work skills for racers

What: Essential Rope work skills for racers
When: Thursday 21st Feb 2019. Beer/Wine/Pizza 1830. Start 1900. End 2100
Cost: $20 per person

Join big boat sailor Steve Robb for an evening of essential rope work skills for sailors.  Forget all the fancy knots nobody uses, this is practical stuff you really need when racing. 

Essential Knots: Bowline, Figure eight, Double overhand stopper, Clove hitch, and Round turn + two half hitches

Whipping: Common whipping for double braid line – each person will make their own

Splices: Demonstrate a twelve-strand eye or Brummel splice, strip / taper a sheet and how to make a soft shackle?

Other: butterfly flake/coil a line properly and tie proper cleat hitch.

Winds on Minnetonka

What: Winds of Lake Minnetonka
When: Thursday 18th April 2019. Beer/Wine/Pizza 1830. Start 1900. End 2100
Cost: $20 per person

Join renowned racer Gordy Bowers and Sonar skipper Charlie Luke for an updated presentation on the Winds of Lake Minnetonka. Timing is perfect to get you ready for the sailing season. Learn how to develop a race plan (first beat, middle leg, top mark), understand how cloud structure and weather patterns affect surface wind, and how wind flows around shore objects.

After the break, learn how to apply that knowledge on the water with a lively discussion of prevailing wind patterns from common sailing directions.