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Spring Series Seminars

The Registration "Spring Series Seminars" is not currently available.

Spring Series - Tuesday Evenings

Rules, Tactics, Strategy, Sail Shape/Trim

Terry Foster reviews the rules, tactics, and strategy of racing the first 2 Tuesdays.

Terry Foster and Gordy Bowers on the 3rd Tues. explain proper sail trim in terms everyone understands. All the seminars are designed to both have fun and improve your sailboat racing skills.

April 27: In the first seminar Terry Foster addresses the rules tactics, and strategy after the start, for the upwind leg, the Windward Mark approach and rounding, the downwind leg, the leeward mark rounding, and the leeward gate rounding. The on the water training clinic the following Saturday is then designed to enter all of those situations and to practice what they look like on the water.

May 4: In the second seminar Terry Foster reviews the rules tactics and strategy around the course, and then addresses the rules tactics and strategy of the start. The following Saturday are 2 ½ hours of starts at three minute intervals. This is an opportunity for skippers and crew to get in more starts than they do in an entire racing season.

May 11: In the third seminar Terry Foster and Gordy Bowers describe what sail shape and trim should be in both the upwind and downwind legs.

For further information contact Terry Foster at 612-978-5089, or by email.

2021 Spring Seminar #1 - ZOOM replay

Replay the first spring series seminar, with Terry Foster. Passcode: &8?J$6*0

2021 On-The-Water Training Canceled

Due the restrictions imposed by the ongoing pandemic, the On-The-Water sessions have been cancelled for the 2021 season. 

Spring Series - On-the Water Training

Saturday Mornings in May

The best place for new sailors to test the waters and for experienced sailors to practice race course skills and for boat owners to pick up new crew. 

May 01: Practice luffing, overtaking and mark roundings on a short course, perpendicular to the wind.

May 08: Practice starts at 3-minute intervals. More starting practice than most skippers get in an entire season!

May 15: See demonstrations of packing and flying a spinnaker, then participate in the Graduation Cup race around Big Island. Trophy awarded after the race.


  • 8:00 am: Continental Breakfast
  • 8:30 am: Short lecture on the rules that apply to the training drill for that day. 
  • 9:30 am: Crew and guest instructor assignments and the "on the water" drills begin.
  • Noon: Lunch and review of the drills at the clubhouse.


  • Members: $15 per session or $35 for all three.
  • Non-members: $30 per session or $75 for all three
  • One Guest Instructor and One Guest Skipper per boat (Free)
  • Please pre-register in advance to help us coordinate and set up boats for the seminar.

For further information contact Terry Foster at 612-978-5089, or by email.