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Fleet Challenge Cup - Sept 9th

By Rudy Ruedenberg, 08/21/17, 12:00AM CDT


Imagine sailing in middle of the main lake on a sunny summer Saturdayafternoon.  The adrenaline is high as you and your crew are poised at the starting line of the inaugural WYC race event!  

You size up the competition at the start, Capri 25s, J22s, J24s, S2s, Sonars, Ensigns, PHRF, and MORC boats.  As the gusts roll through, you realize it’s the first time in the club's history that many of you will share the same start, same course, same competition, and same prize.  At stake is a chance to be named the best sailors and champion fleet of the club by winning an exclusive trophy cup.  Call it what you will, a PHRF race on steroids, a one design thriller, or simply WYC rock star sailing!  This, my fellow sailors, is now a reality, and it's called the FLEET CHALLENGE CUP! 

Please join us Saturday, September 9th to kick start this new, three-race, single-day cup event, which we hope will become a WYC tradition.  This is an exciting opportunity with a new twist for the fleets to not only compete against each other on an equal playing field, but to bring the fleets together through a unique competition. The specific Sailing Instructions for the event is printed at the end of the WYC Sailing Instructions (Addendum B), which includes the starting sequence.

If what you have heard isn’t enough, this event is free, offers a traveling trophy, keeper glassware, and prizes.  We also invite all participants to celebrate with food and drink after the race.  Mark your calendars! Alert your crew, and don’t miss out on the Fleet Challenge Cup. Remember the more boats you get from your fleet to race, the better chance your fleet has to win!

The PHRF ratings for the WYC boats have now been published.  Find out your boat's handicap by downloading the chart here.

Feel free to contact me with questions.  Also we could use a few more volunteers to be part of our fun planning team, so please reach out if you're interested.

See you out there,

Rudy Ruedenberg