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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Fleet #1 Request

Official Fleet #1 Request

7521 Penn Ave. So.
Minneapolis, MN 55423
April 14, 1977

Me. Denny Sanford
1665 Bohns Road
Wayzata, MN 55391

Dear Denny,

This letter is a request that the Wayzata Yacht Club recognize the J/24 as a one-design class to race in the Wayzata Yacht Club subject to the rules and one-design specifications of the national and local J/24 classes.

At present, four J/24s are owned and plan to race as a one-design fleet. Three of the four present owners are members of the Wayzata Yacht Club.

The J/24 is a proven performance sailboat with an extremely impressive trace record. This boat offers for the first time to Lake Minnetonka an exciting performer of popular size and relative low cost with cruising comforts (sleeps four) that conforms to one-design specifications stricter than most present Minnetonka one-design fleets. The boat is built by Tillotson-Pearson, a well-known builder if one-design sailboats.

The strict one-design control in conjunction with the mandatory (standard) features on the boat offers exciting racing with cruising comforts which include items such as self bailing cockpit, bow and stern pulpits, lifelines, and cabin.

This ultimate race-cruise combination of the J/24 should stimulate class growth and prove to be a good addition to the Wayzata Yacht Club.

Please let me know if you wish any further information. Thank you for taking this request before the board for their consideration.

John Gjerde

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Fleet Captain: Cory Huseby, 612-600-4343,


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