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Fleet Meeting - Jan 22nd

It's time!  Please plan to attend the annual Capri 25 fleet meeting / party later this month.  Darin and Sandy Busch have generously offered to host the event at their home in Excelsior - please remember to thank them.  Also, please BYOB and a food-item to share.  Participation from all boats is really important, and crew are encouraged to come.

A tentative agenda is provided below.  We have a few business items to discuss and some people to elect.  At a minimum, we'll need nominations for Fleet Captain and Treasurer. Please send your nominations for fleet officers and any other agenda items you'd like to discuss.  Of course, you may simply bring them to the meeting also.

Stay tuned - there may be additional details regarding parking, etc.

Time & Place
Saturday, January 22nd, 2011
Darin and Sandy Busch residence - they're in the log

7:00 - Opening Remarks (Odell)
7:10 - Treasurer's Report (Scott)
7:20 - 2010 Fleet Review (Odell)
7:30 - Financial Review (Scott)
7:45 - Allowed Modifications & other rules (Steve)
8:15 - 2011 Nationals Regatta (Odell)
8:30 - 2011 AIS Racing proposal (Odell, Lew)
8:40 - New Business (All)
8:50 - Election of Officers (All)
9:00 - Adjourn

Current Fleet Officers
- Fleet Captain (Odell Tuttle)
- Treasurer/Secretary (Scott Seager)
- Rules Chair (Steve Truax)
- Technical Chair (Dan McNamara)
- Awards Chair (Gary Valentini)
- Social Chair (Doug Dickerson)

EP Sails Fleet Offer

It is the time of year to get our Capri 25 Fleet sail order together. This year we have to do it a little bit earlier because Dimension Sailcloth has offered to hold this year’s prices and extend us an extra Fall Discount only until October 31st. So to get this pricing I need to have all orders for D4 sails in to me by October 30th. Any orders after that will cost 5% to 10% more. For any non D4 sails (spinnakers or Dacron Mains) I need those orders before we break for Thanksgiving.

Download Brochure

We are making two small changes this year in the genoas, the leech sections will be just very slightly straighter and we are going to build them with small denier yarns and more yarn passes. The end result is smaller “windows” between the yarns which makes them a little bit more expensive but will improve their durability.

From people I have talked to I am sure we will be at the 25% discount level again this year. Please call me with any questions or ideas you would like to see incorporated.

Harry Pattison

Elliott/Pattison Sailmakers Inc.
on the web:
Loft: 949 645-6697
Cell: 949 275-3302
Skype: harry.pattison

North Sails Fleet Offer

Dear WYC Capri 25 sailors:

North Sails One Design is currently offering some exceptional prices on sails for the Capri 25. We hope you can take advantage of our slow season by saving some money on new sails for your boat. E-flyer attached has the details.  

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions and have a great Fall.

Best Regards,

Chris Snow
North Sails One Design

619-226-1415W 619-224-7018Fax

Skype: csnowman

Rumble In The Bay - 6/24

 It's official.  The accounting firm of Ernst & Young has tallied up the Rumble Results. 27 boats!  That's our best turn-out so far this year. 

Thank you Pete Ice for sponsoring this great event once again.  

Also, thank you Mike Maloney and the Shorewood Race Committee for running a great mini-regatta despite a very challenging wind direction.

Congratulations to Magic and the entire "Bull-ship" for an outstanding series - you earned that rum!  Also, congrats to Taxi, and Molly Buses for placing 2nd and 3rd.

The scores are below.  Let me know if you'd like to see the chicken scratch on paper, or if there are any errors.  I trust the WYC RC will have this in the computer for the G-Series race #7 sometime soon.


Boat Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Total Place
259   2 1 5 2 10 1
407 4 5 2 2   13 2
267 2 3 8 1   14 3
168 5 1   4 7 17 4
447 1 9   3 14 27 5
334   6 7 6 10 29 6
249 3   6 7 19 35 7
291 11 7 3 14   35 8
263 16   4 8 8 36 9
197 9 16 12   1 38 10
205 7 4 10 17   38 11
176 6 10 14 12   42 12
3790 10   16 9 11 46 13
223 8 15 19   5 47 14
195 18 11 9 11   49 15
196 15 13 13   12 53 16
152 17 14 5 22   58 17
207 12   18 10 21 61 18
417   17 15 13 16 61 19
231   19 20 20 4 63 20
289 20 12   18 13 63 21
416 23   17 23 3 66 22
442 21 8   25 20 74 23
355   20 23 15 22 80 24
229 25 25 25 19   94 25
204 22 23 24 26   95 26
198 27 27 26   18 98 27


Pay Your 2010 Fleet Dues online today!

It is that time again for your friendly dues reminder. Annual fleet dues are $35 per boat and are required for your race results to be recorded. So avoid any scoring issues by paying now.... or sending your $35 check, made out to "Capri 25 Fleet", to Scott Seager.Or just make use of the Interweb technology provided below.

Enter Boat Name

Enter Sail Number


Star of the North - NOR released

Let the Racing Begin

Star of the North - One Design Regatta - NOR Available

September 24 - 26th, 2010

Fleet Meeting 1/23/10 – unofficial scuttlebutt

Odell presided over an extremely efficient fleet meeting on 23rd January.  The following is the unofficial summary.  Scott will have the official minutes in due course.

  • Minutes - Read and approved previous minutes
  • Financials - Read and approved financial statements – will improve when outstanding invoices for stern rails are settled.
  • State-of-the-fleet – Round table discussion: what went well? What could we improve on?
  • Rumble-in-the-Bay – recap. We liked it. We should do it again. “Consumable” trophies may help minimize costs.
  • RRS – shameless plug for Steve’s seminar on 3/25; Specific emphasis on Mark (Weum? Hammett?) rounding, and courtesy on/near the race course.
  • Fall regatta - Approved purchase of travelling trophy for fall regatta
  • Match-racing – shameless promotion. Great way to learn more about rules.  May include Sunday morning events from mid summer onwards. You’re gonna be there anyway….
  • Equipment – approved purchase of commonly damaged equipment (rails, stanchions, mast section), to be stored at John Pearson’s place.  
  • Maintenance – JP will “dispose/donate” old stuff you don’t need and want to “store” at his place.
  • Technical Committee – approved creation of technical committee.
  • Start order – since we’ll never win the battle to start ahead of the Sonars, we should promote use of the Trapazoid course.
  • Crew Dues – Club needs to promote more benefits than just “free beer”. Skippers need to “strongly encourage” compliance.  BTW – did you know you can be protested for having non-members who crew more than five times?
  • Raft-up – consider Friday night events as well.  Try it and see.
  • WYC Winter Party – Saturday 2/20 afternoon. Broomball etc.
  • Fleet elections – voted slate of officers. See what you volunteered for here.
  • Adjourn
C-Dock Shenanigans 2010


Congratulation to our cruise director Julie and Captain Stubin on Smitten (Love Boat) for winning the 2010 most coveted trophy of the Capri Fleet.  The Saint Arnold trophy passed down from dock to dock since 600AD.  As we worship St. Arnold’s famous warning, “Don’t drink the water, drink beer”.

The trophy is awarded by the previous winner to the most sustainable crew to pass on the warning (food, drink, costumes, decorations and creativity may come in play).

“What happens on see Doc stays on C-Dock”.

Best compliment: “You guys rock”!  “The C-Dock party attracts more new members to the Wayzata Yacht Club than any other event”. Steve Bren

Want to thank all those who made it the Worlds Famous C-Dock Party. Participating boats included:

El Enciero
Ellie Jay
Lickety Split
Molly Buses
Off Line

If you get a chance thank Barnie, Kathie and Carmen for all their work and decorations. 

7th World Famous C-Dock Party August 29, 2010

The mayhem that is the C-Dock party is almost upon us.  This year theme is: Classic TV:  (7) Worlds Famous C-Dock Party August 29, 2010

You have just a few more days to choose your choose a theme… The deadline 11:59 PM August 26th. No duplication, first selected…first served.  Please email Doug back with theme.

Boat Name Theme if not Chosen Theme Selected
Adios   Miami Vice
Asturias Captain Kangaroo  
Catapult III   Dukes of Hazzard’s
Chumbucket Flipper  
Code Blue General Hospital / Brady Bunch  
Consensus   Flintstones
Cut Throat Addams Family  
Dakota   MASH
El Enciero   Gilligan's Island
Ellie Jay Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea  
Fat Boys High Surfside 6  
Fore Sail Casey and Roundhouse  
Ham It UP Porky the Pig  
Honeymoon's Over   The Honeymooners with Jackie Gleason
Jalapeno   Green Acres
Lickety Split   Batman
Looscrew 8 is Enough  
Magic   All in the Family
Molly Buses Partridge Family  
Off Line   Hawaii Five-O
Overbearing Too Dating Game  
Persistence Andy Griffith Show  
Quick Draw Car 54 Where Are You?  
Rampage F Troop  
Red Shift Sky King  
Rockit Lost in Space  
Slam Dunk Married with Children  
Smitten I Love Lucy / Love Boat  
Taxi Taxi  
Tsunami   Sea Hunt
Wahoo Mr. Ed  

Note from OT
I think many folks think of it as an optional thing that some Capri's do ...just because they like it.  You may not be aware that: each fleet takes their turn hosting the end-of-series celebration for the whole club, and we are no exception.  Ours is the C-dock party.  I believe the Capri fleet puts on the best series celebration every year, but it comes at a cost - a cost that's not evenly distributed among the fleet.  That's because not all boats participate in the event.  It is a general assumption (although not clearly stated) that all members (full, skipper, crew, or otherwise) are contributing to make this event happen.  

Obviously, you have no obligation to provide expensive food or beverage (although we all like it when you do).  You are also not obligated to dress up or decorate your boat (although we like to make fun of you when you do).

Please plan to participate, if you can.  If you can't make it, your donations are greatly appreciated - please see Doug Dickerson.  If your boat owner can't make it, don't let that stop you.  I am no exception, as we will unfortunately be out of town for this year's C-dock party.  However, Lickety Split will be there in full Batman garb (thanks to my committed crew).

Notes from Fleet Captains Meeting - Spring 2010

The Fleet Captains meeting was held recently. Topics included

Starting Line
Course Length
Trapezoid Courses
Dues & Scoring
Participation Credit
Protest Arbitration
4-Boat Length Safety Zone at S-Marks
2-Boat Length Safety Zone at Committee Boat


Don't Drink & Drive
Quiet Hours
Wine in Wayzata Bay
The Sailing Center
Trophy Photos
RC Ride-along

Read More Here

2010 season off to a slow start.

And they’re off……Not so fast!  After conditions the previous weekend that were variously described as “nuking”, “fugly”, and “dogs-off-chains”……….the 2010 season got off to a genteel start, with three loud sound signals from Jurisprudence, followed by a “Light Air Cup” won by Lickety Split.  Check out that light air sail trim!


Photo from Mark Puariea

National Recognition

Our esteemed Fleet Captain has just been informed that the WYC Capri-25 fleet has just won formal recognition from the Catalina 25, Catalina 250, and Capri 25 International Association.  This opens the way for an application to host the 2011 National Regatta.  Nice work OT!

Awards Page - UPDATED

Visit the newly updated awards page, including all of the 2009 winners. Link Here

Many have asked how each the winner of each award is determined. The new awards page shows the award criteria or method of calculation for each award, together a photo of each trophy.

Special thanks to Renee Corbin who has done an outstanding job as the Awards chair for the past two years, including; tracking down errant awards, taking the photos, ordering the burgees, and generally making sure the awards were always ready for the big night . Please make sure you tell her how much you appreciate her efforts!

ADA Regatta

Congrats to the winners of this year's ADA regatta (Capri 25 class):

1st: Magic - Bull/Sacks
2nd: Taxi - Myszkowski/Churches
3rd: Molly Buses - Mark Weum

We had three hard-fought races, and the fleet was pretty tight overall.

Also, congrats to the Capri 25 fleet for winning the American Diabetes Association fun-raising drive.  Thanks especially to Andy, Bob, and the Jalapeno crew for raising about half of the $2200 raised by our fleet.

You'll be happy to know that our fleet now has a case of liquor that will be very useful at the Capri Regatta or our party.


Star of the North Regatta

Congratulations to all of the participants in the 2009 Star of the North Regatta: Full results here

Capri 25
1st 267 Molly Buses
2nd 205 Quick Draw
3rd 168 Code Blue
4th 447 Dakota
5th 333 Suicidal Bird

Regatta Summary
Day 1: No wind. Water volleyball. No sailing.
Day 2: Light wind. Excruciating sailing. Great party
Day 3: Lively breeze. Even more lively starts!

Crew of Molly Buses (L-R: Rick, Pattie, Mark, Wayne)


C-Dock 2009 Mayhem

Another year of craziness at the world famous Capri-25 C-Dock party.  For those of you who still remember, the theme was Holidays from Around the World. For those who don’t, it was an excuse to fill the docks with happy sailors and enjoy the sun.


Kudos to the El Encierro team, who drafted Chef Ron into service. They managed to have the longest line of the day (even longer than the line for bacon sandwiches from Jalapeno!)

Send additional photos to:


Making Winter Shorter - one sail at a time

Big pimpin’ to Rudy, your 2009 Smoozability™ winner, and his crazy crew of sailing addicts (all of them Capri, or soon to be Capri, sailors). Who unilaterally decide to make winter appear shorter, by sailing in December.  

On Saturday 4th December: Rudy and his intrepid crew smashed through 100 yards of ice around WYC before reaching open water for an exhilarating cruise to Maynards. They were fuelled by high spirits, sunshine, hot coco, and maybe the odd adult beverage. Other entertainment included:

  • Most inventive use of Myers rum (Unfreezing the centre board)
  • Establishing proof the cookies can freeze.
  • Confusing patrons of Maynards. Overheard at the bar. “they can’t have arrived by snowmobile; maybe they’re bikers.”
  • Encouraging the fisherman to use the 350 horses on his boat to bust up the ice on the ramp so we could get out.
  • Most inappropriate Santa impersonation – don’t ask

All in all, an excellent way to end the season. One day later……frozen solid!


Ice Out Declared

N E W S   F L A S H

The UMN reports that Mother Nature has cooperated with WYC sailors.











Ice-Out was declared at 4/2/10.   I have no idea how they can be so precise, but I'm sure nobody is complaining.  MYC Webcam seems to confirm it.

Winter Projects

Many of us need to order replacement hardware (e.g., pulpits, rails, stanchions, spars, etc.)  this winter.  As a fleet, we also have the need to retain a certain number of parts in our own inventory.  I'd like to find out how much demand is out there so we can perhaps generate some bulk orders.  I'd like to ask all of the Capri's to send a note and share their hardware purchase plans/needs (the ones that aren't secret).

Let me know what you need, so we can try to save some cash.


Fleet Meeting - January 23rd, 2010.
Attention hibernating Capri 25 sailors,

This year's meeting will be held on Saturday, January 23rd @ 7:00pm in the Wayzata Yacht Club clubhouse guys remember where that is, right?

Boat Owners, I'd like to see all of your winter-clothed bodies at the club, but if you can't attend... please make sure at least one member can represent your boat. Crew and/or prospective members are also encouraged to come.

I believe it is customary for people to bring food and/or beverages to share.

Please send me any/all issues or topics that you'd like to put before the fleet this off-season. I am still finalizing the agenda.
Keep warm. Thanks!

"Who is staring at the sea is already sailing a little."
Unofficial Post Season

At last check, there were still some Capri’s in the water, so it must be time to enter the post-season.

The Post-Season PRO – Valerie “Frenchie” Petit has posted the following schedule.

Halloween Cruise to Maynard’s
Saturday - Oct 31st – 10:00 AM
Shackelton Cup Cruises to Maynard’s - 11:00 am

  • Nov 8th – Bambi doesn’t want to see you anyway, so come sailing instead!

  • Nov 15th – Yup. The day after the banquet. You know you’ll need a Bloody Mary.

  • Nov 22nd – how better to celebrate giving thanks, than a cruise across your favorite lake.

  • Nov 29th – Although Wind Dance is not a Capri, it DOES have a very tough bow for breaking lake ice.

Last Capri Floating.

The Carpenter family win bragging rights (and something cool from Odell’s desk) for being the last Capri floating for the 2009 season. Alas the season had to end sometime.

Capril Sailors take on the Big Lake

They don’t allow Capri-25’s to compete in the Trans Superior International Yacht Race (and nor would you want to).  However that doesn’t stop Capri sailors! Congratulations to all Capri sailors who completed the 336nm Mile course from Sault Ste Marie to Duluth. Including: Corry and Syd from Ham-in-Up!, Andy and Bob from Jalepeno, Scott from El Encierro, and Valerie from……France. Honorable mentions go to Beth from Jalepeno, Renee from Smitten, and Dan from Lickety, who spent even more time at “sea” delivering Angisina to the start line.

Scott and Valerie also made it to Canadian TV. Who knew Scott could sing (I’ll let you into a secret: he can’t!)

Heavy Air Cup - 6/28/09

Congratulations to Code Blue, El Encierro, Rampage, and Lickety Split for surviving the Heavy Air Cup held on 6/28/09. 


Extra style points for the Lickety guys for complying with the RC instructions that sail numbers be presented to the finish boat!

Rumble in the Bay - 5/28

Congratulations to all who participated in the 2nd annual Rumble in the Bay, especially the top three finishers:

  1. Consensus
  2. Lickety Split
  3. Code Blue

More Photos Here

Capri Crews take on Lake Superior

More than a dozen Capri crew members made the annual pilgrimage to Bayfield WI, to participate in the WYC Apostle Island Station (AIS) Spring Series over the Memorial Day Weekend. This is their chance to transfer their skills to the big lake.

The Angisina crew included; Valerie, Barnie, Corry, Bret, Rudy, Darin, Gary, Andy.
Red Hawk included; Mark, Dutch, Lew, and Margaret.

The next AIS event, is the outstanding race week 6/29-7/03. More details online If more than 5 Capri’s attend, they’ll get their own one-design start.


There are strict  rules about "what happens in Bayfield, stays in Bayfield", so join us this summer to make your own memories!

Boat of the Year - Vote NOW!


It’s time to vote for Capri 25 Boat of the Year.  One boat, one vote.

Voting Deadline is October 21st; that gives you a full two weeks to vote!

Please send your choice for Boat of the Year to Please include your boat name with your response.

As per our fleet rules, boats not eligible for Boat of the year this year are Consensus and Lickety Split.

Winners will be announced at the November Banquet.

We will not have a Rookie Boat of the Year this year, as boats new to the fleet must splash by July 15, 2009 to be considered this year.

Thanks for voting!
Renee Corbin – Smitten (289)
Awards Committee Chair

He's Back! Harry is in town this weekend.

Harry Pattison from Elliott/Pattison Sails will at WYC this weekend August 26-29th.

Attention: All Capri 25 Sailors and Crew

Harry Pattison from E/P Sails will be at the WYC August 26th -29th .

His schedule is as follows:

August 26th - Thursday Race with Lickety Split (Odell Tuttle)

August 27th - Friday “On Water with Harry “ all day

  • 9:00- Asturias (Jesus Rodriguez)
  • 10:00- Wahoo (Scott Sundquist/Bruce Eaton)
  • 11:00- Honeymoon’s Over (Brad Anderson/John Speltz)
  • 12:00- Fore Sail (Rich Jobin)
  • 1:00- Rampage (Larry AuBuchon/Temple Blackwood)
  • 2:00- Rockit (Dick Korinke)
  • 3:00- Off-Line (Corny Boersma)
  • 4:00- El Encierro (Brent & Glenn Seager)
  • 5:00- Dakota (Paul Cossette)  

August 28th - Saturday Race “Burton Cup” - Off Line (Corny Boersma)   

August 29th - Sunday Race - Wahoo (Scott Sundquist/Bruce Eaton)

Capri 25 Dock Party after race on Sunday

Note:  All Capri 25 owners & crew are welcome to come out on Friday’s event and join in as space is available on each boat.  If there is something that you need Harry to visit with you about on sails/tuning/etc… let him or me know and we will work it in over the weekend.

Questions, please contact Mark Weum at 612-396-0267

Ice Out Declared!

N E W S   F L A S H

The UMN reports that Mother Nature has cooperated with WYC sailors.











Ice-Out was declared at 4/2/10.   I have no idea how they can be so precise, but I'm sure nobody is complaining.  MYC Webcam seems to confirm it.

Odel Elected Fleet Captain

Odell Tuttle was elected Fleet Captain during the annual fleet meeting held at WYC on 23rd January. Odell and the other fleet officers renewed their commitment to fleet motto…… "Making a better world through One Design racing and stern-mounted BBQ grills."

Let Odell know your thoughts about any opportunities to expand our fleet, including;

  • Crew Development
  • Recruiting
  • Training/Education
  • Racing
  • Fleet Development
  • Recruiting new boats
  • Publicity
  • Competitiveness/Professionalism/Sportsmanship
  • Boat Resources
  • Race Analysis/Replay
  • Rules
  • Boat Inspections
  • Slip Fees
  • Fun
Maintenance Mayhem 2010

Yet more Consensus mayhem.  Looks like they mean business again this year!  Look out!

Not quite sure of the correct collective noun for Capri’s,  but there seems to be a herd of 'em around Rampage.  Oh, and there is also a lesser spotted Valentini.

The good, the bad, and the downright ugly…….. fixing the blisters on Consensus.

First operational Bar on the dock

Thinking about bottom paint

Thin Ice Not this spring

Helpful guidance from the Commodore......

.....It's strictly against Club policy to be drinking VC17 while using the crane.
Wayzata Yacht Club
WYC Commodore

 Margaret and Magic from 2008

QD from 2007 - Pete - it's not supposed to look like that.

Jalapeno from way back when


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