Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Crew Boss

OK. This is aimed more at larger boats, but still has relevance for us Capri’s .

This article from YachtsandYachting 28th July 2006, explores the role of the Crew Boss.

Here’s their cut-out-and-keep guide.   Click the link for the article.

  • Dockside – you are the foreman of the boat, so check before you leave the dock that the sails are being looked after, the boat is provisioned and that everyone is clear about their roles onboard.
  • Communicator – your key role is to extract information from the back of the boat and translate it into a set of commands for the front of the boat to follow.  If you are doing your job well, you should be the single line between the back and front of the boat.
  • Manoeuvres – you should co-ordinate the “corners” on the racetrack by running through each manoeuvre before it happens with the crew so that everyone is clear on thedrill.
  • Checkpoint – your eyes should be continually roaming around the boat to check that everything is in order and to try and anticipate problems.
  • Problems – you need to be very logical, remain calm and employ everyone available on the boat when trouble-shooting issues.
  • Motivator – you need to try and be the life and soul of the boat, keep everybody motivated, informed, happy, then sit back and watch the results!



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