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Catalina-25,250 &
Capri-25 National Regatta

It's happening right here in 2014!
(Sept. 12-14, 2014)


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Winter Party March 8 2014


 Hello Capri Sailors:

It is time to have our annual meeting and winter party. Once again Darin and Sandy Busch have agreed to host.

March 8, 6pm pot luck
7:30 annual meeting
5360 Vine Hill Road, Excelsior MN


Temple Blackwood- Fleet Captain 


2013 Fleet Meeting

·         ·   Capri 25 Fleet Meeting 2013

January 26, 2013
**(UPDATES coming soon from the March 8th, 2014 Meeting)**

Called to order by Fleet Captain John Speltz

Recognition of various fleet members

Kathie Wright:  thanks for all the good ideas bubbling forth, and sometime back.

CC:  thanks for all your help too with everything.

Todd Myers:  silent helper with many things and website

Renee Corbin for all her help with a variety of things, including managing the trophies.

Karen Maestro as well as all who have helped him during his reign as Fleet Captain

Financial review, Billy:   Beginning Bal.     $7,205.14

                                                Income $1,843

                                                Expense $1657

                                                Ending Bal           $7,391.14

Money spent on partying, C-dock party, swap meet,

Trophies:  take care of them!  Don’t want to have to buy more trophies. $139 expense

Bow pulpit project did not come to fruition, due to health issues money returned

Keep focusing on the fleet energy and enthusiasm.  The swap meet, as an example.  John picked up some wenches, maybe even winches too.

Lew / Bert:  suggestion that we try the swap meet again, club wide, and with a lot of advertising.

Raft up:  two boats participated.  Suggestion for Friday night or impromptu night crawl / raft up option.

C-dock, SOTN:  success.

SOTN moved up this year—weekend after Labor Day.

Champ of champs:  back up skipper / crew should be identified for last minute conflicts.  Back up needs to be boat owner.  Therefore, need two boat owners, and any crew.


Quorum:  14 boats represented.

Motion to open the meeting. 
Nominations, Temple Blackwood.  Motion to support nomination.  No other nominations.  All yeah, no neahs.  Congratulations Temple.

Nils:  rules chair.  Bruce Tam, Todd Myers, Mark Weum for the committee, four total.

Secretary / treasurer:  Billy accepts.  Thank you and congratulations for continuing this service.

Awards chair:  (Renee Corbin’s vacancy) Darin nominated.  Motion carried, voted all in favor.

Social chair:  Kathie Wright offering to step down since she’s been doing it for two years.  With no other nomination, Kathie was nominated, motion carried, voted all in favor. 

Derek accepted nomination for crew rep.  Motion carried, voted all in favor.

Recruiting:  Open.

Rudy:  discussion of Leach Lake Regatta, August 9-11. Rudy will be point person for any one interested in going.  Kim mentioned it was a wonderful experience.

Catalina / Capri national regatta:  could bid for that again.  No decision made

Bert Foster spoke on the following topics:

Rumble:  discussion on what to call it.  Someone needs to consult with Pete Ice to be sure it’s okay to use the Rumble name for the Sunday champ series race format.

No decision at this point from the C25 fleet on the prefer start times, race limits, scoring method such as low score out, etc.  Bert said we have another couple months for the fleet to finalize.  The fleet members need to evaluate/vote on a few options and present to WYC

Bert:  docks, lifts possibilities in the future, etc.

Nils:  rules update:

-          Fitted bucket vs. head rule—six liter bucket is the new rule (rid the word ‘head’).  Safety for bailing the boat.

-          Suitable anchor:  must be 8-pounds minimum.  100 feet, no smaller than 5/16.   Safety thing—no light anchors.  Rule change voted:  most in favor, two opposed.  Motion carried, passed.


Smitten is for sale


2012 WYC Boat of the Year


WYC Boat of the Year!


2012 Dock Party




The Capri 25 Fleet announces “The C Dock’s Jimmy Buffett Tour” on August 19th


Parrotheads unite! Come and party as we celebrate the music, food and lifestyle of Jimmy Buffett.

Choose your favorite Buffett song and decorate your boat. Send your song request to our fleet captain, John Speltz.  First come, first serve…so be quick with your response!

 The Capri fleet will be providing “Cheeseburgers in Paradise”, French fried potato chips & big kosher pickles.” Like last year, we ask all participating boats to bring a side dish to share, but unlike last year, each boat will serve the food from their boat along with beverages for our guests walking the dock.

 Go big or go little…it’s your choice. You may pick a Buffett tune and decorate your boat like the song, or simply wear tropical shirts and get into the spirit(s)!  We promise surprises the day of the party, but are sworn to secrecy!

 So come one and all…let’s get everybody out to party for this one! Boat owners, if you are unable to participate, please encourage your crew to proudly represent your boat in your absence.

 We know that you know plenty of Jimmy Buffett songs, but just in case you have been wasting away in Margaritaville and are staring into the bottom of your glass; the following is a sampling of his songs:


Get Ready to RUMBLE!!!!!!!

Rumble in the Bay

Thursday June 28th

Thanks Pete!

2012 Season

All men are mortal; Socrates is a man; Therefore, Socrates is mortal.

That’s Athenian logic.

 All boats float, a Capri 25 is a boat: Therefore, all Capri sailors want to have a whipping good time this 2012 season and race race race..

That’s Capri 25 logic.

 Welcome back Capri 25 captains and crews.  It only seems logical that we splash in our Capri 25’s after the long winter.  And it looks like we have received rain enough to float the boats.  I imagine that is the result of some Greek god of the lake looking after us with some much needed water.

 I wanted to let everyone know that the big wheels of fun are turning.  Planning meetings have already taken place and ideas are being cultivated that will make 2012 a super-fun year.   As always, I want to thank all the Capri fleet volunteers – the usual suspects are at work – and ask that if you feel generous, don’t hesitate to volunteer.  The more individual fleet member that volunteer, the better it gets … 

 Remember the “No Sailor Left Behind” program -- that is, let’s not forget to follow up with any crew person looking for a ride.  As we all know, the Capri 25 takes crew, and even though you might not need a body on your boat, someone else might …   

 Also, the fleet membership booty ($35) is due.   I am going to send out an official notice on the payment procedure for this year.  It is my hope that we can completely eliminate the confusion surrounding fleet dues collections.  I am told that if you don’t pay, you can’t play (get scored).

 As Socrates said to Plato while racing on the Aegean Sea, “Let’s have a fun and safe 450 BC sailing season.”   To that I say, “Let’s do as the Greeks do and have fun in 2012, it’s only logical”

If you want to see some stink boaters in action:

Largest Capri 25 OD Fleet


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