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Notes from Fleet Captains Meeting - Spring 2010
Starting Line
There will no longer be two pins at the start.  All boats will use the same pin and committee boat as the starting line.  This change will greatly reduce the amount of time required by the RC to arrange the course and get the race off.  It will also increase the quality of the course relative to wind shifts.  As the beamiest fleet, I'm sure there will be photographers lined up for our first few starts.  Remember to smile ...and keep your legs in!

Course Length
In their continuous effort to better serve our fleets, the RC has communicated that they will do their best to increase course lengths this year.  However, my idea of doing a portage across Big Island is still being considered.
Trapezoid Courses
Despite being somewhat more difficult to organize, everyone appears to be pleased with the trapezoid courses (Fred said they're actually parallelograms, but we'll try not to let that bother us).  If there are upwards of 85 boats, the RC will do their best to run a trap course.
Make sure you adjust scores ASAP.  If you discover that you were not scored correctly, please contact me immediately - even while still at the club.  It's easier for the RC to make those changes on the spot.  If you can't find me among the masses, you can call my cell: 651.925.7728.  You can also send the info via email.  Please note that results CANNOT BE CHANGED after two weeks following the end of a series.  However, if the scoring error is favorable to my boat, please disregard - it's not who wins or loses, but how you play the game.
Dues & Scoring
In order to be a qualified boat, you must pay your dues one week prior to racing.  If you discover that you're not being scored, this is probably the case.  Please contact me asap if you aren't being scored.  If you pay double, you can be scored twice, but both will be the same score.
Participation Credit
If a race is abandoned, please make sure you get your number to the race committee via radio, hail, or simply by walking up to them at the club following the race.  You may also try skype, webex, or instant messenger.
Protest Arbitration
It's sometimes difficult to track down the arbitrator following a race.  If you've protested someone, and can't find the arbitrator, please look for the cell number hanging on the wall near the protest box.  Of course, threatening to give that same cell number to telemarketers may improve your position in the arbitration hearing. didn't hear that from me.
All boats must have a copy of The Racing Rules of Sailing on board.  It is expected that you've read it, but may also be used for pleasureful reading during light-air postponements.
4-Boat Length Safety Zone at S-Marks
Don't mess with boats rounding the S-Mark if you aren't rounding it too.  You need to keep clear - stay 4-boats away.  However, if you're competing with that boat and also rounding the same mark... normal rules apply, and you are encouraged to mess with them. 

2-Boat Length Safety Zone at Committee Boat
Don't pass on port within two boat-lengths of the RC boat during the starting sequence.  They hate this.  If you do it, I'm told you'll be pulled over by Minnesota Highway Patrol and issued a citation for scaring the heck out of the Race Committee.

Don't Drink & Drive
The club will be stepping up monitoring and enforcement of people leaving the club.  Nobody should leave the club behind the wheel after having "one too many".  Find someone to drive you home, leave your car at the club, sleep it off on the couch, or whatever you need to do.  Just don't drive.  The phone number for a taxi is hanging on the wall in the club.  Finally, as the Fleet Captain, I'll give you my phone number... if you can't find a ride, just call me, and I'll help find someone who can drive us both home.  ;-)
Quiet Hours
We need to be respectful of our residential neighbors, so starting this year, no noise will be tolerated after 10:00pm.  ...especially loud music.  Thanks Lickety Split crew - you're ruining it for everyone.
Don't ever park in front homes in the residential area.  They hate this.  Your car will be crushed and recycled into bow pulpits.
Wine in Wayzata Bay
This was a huge success in 2009, and will be held again.  The fleet with the most pledges will win a case of booze.  The boat with $500 in pledges will get free registration.
The Sailing Center
To answer questions about how the Sailing Center is being funded: The Sailing Center is a separate entity.  All of the work on that facility is being paid for by new dock revenue (created from the Sailing Center), it is not subsidized by the club.
Trophy Photos
If you don't like the names printed on your boat's annual trophy photo, please contact the club and have the data in the scoring system corrected.  The text for the trophy photos comes from that system.  This is especially important for the women's series.  If you have any further questions about this, I would suggest contacting Bert or Dallas.
RC Ride-along
As part of Race Committee development, Blake would like to have some of his team ride-along and participate in the racing.  Please look for these requests.  I highly encourage you to invite them on your boat, as I'm sure there is some benefit to having your own on-board race committee.
2009 Fleet Inspection Forms

New 2009 Boat inspection form available in PDF format.


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