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Things to Consider When Buying a Capri 25

Most Capri 25's were manufactured in 1980 and 1981. Other production runs were made in 1983 and 1988, Tough Cookie and a few others are from '83, the rest of the fleet are mostly '80s and '81s. The '86 and '88 models have flush windows, that's the only difference.

Our fleet rules are intended to insure our boats have equal performance while keeping expenses under control. Boats are allowed an average of one new sail per year. The rules typically allow for various equipment layouts while maintaining equality. There are no known common rig or hull changes that do not conform with our fleet rules. Thus far, we have never has a new member of the fleet have to make boat modifications in order to conform with fleet rules.

Remember that the information in this list provides you with a much better idea of the boats value than the seller or a broker may realize. Do not be afraid to tell a seller how much their boat is worth. Asking prices vary widely.

Don't let the distance faze you. Most sellers are happy to send pictures, and we already have pictures of many of these boats. Delivery of the boat can be a good negotiation tool. And both Randy Schwichtenburg and Joe DeCarli have been able to reasonably rent tow vehicles to pick up their boats. 

Ask for advice. All fleet members are under strict orders to be friendly and helpful to anyone interested in joining the fleet. Call and ask, sharing information with each other is half the fun of One Design racing!

Capri 25 Specifications

Length Overall   24'-7'
Waterline Length   19'-2'
Beam   9'-2"
Draft 4'-2"
Displacement   2785lbs
Ballast, Lead   900lbs
Sail Area, masthead   276sq. ft.
I   30.75'
J   9.83'
P   26.50'
E   9.50'L
1/4 mile time   12.46sec.


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