Best Management Practices for Seminars

WYC Seminars Checklist

(Download PDF Copy)

Day of Seminar

  • Check PayPal paid attendee list
  • Order Beer/Wine
    Liquor Barn 952-473-1817 will put it on WYC charge

    Order cans/bottles rather than a keg if off-season
  • Order Pizza (for delivery around 6:30)
  • Check on status of club ice (bring if needed)

Club Set-Up

  • Unlock yacht club door
  • Set up food and drinks
    Pizza table

    Napkins, forks, plates (from back closet)

    beer cooler/ice

    Wine/bottle opener

    Cups for pop machine and wine
  • Arrange tables and chairs for attendees
  • Presentation – items that may be requested by presenter
    White board

    Magnetic boats

    Markers and eraser

    Overhead projector and screen

    Laptop projector and screen

    Flip charts
  • Registration table
    Cash box


    List of paid attendees
  • Find raffle items (usually 2 wine glasses from back room, usually must be washed)

During event

  • Welcome each attendee
    Some may not be members and not familiar with WYC, try help them feel at home. Introduce them to others if possible. If they feel at home, they may come back and sail.
  • Collect money from all unpaid attendees. Give each attendee a ½ raffle ticket (keep other half and let them know there will be a raffle drawing later)
  • Ask speaker if he/she would like to be introduced. If so, introduce or find someone to do so. (usually speakers don’t request this).

Clean up

  • Put all cash in an envelope and put envelope into ice money box.
  • Rearrange tables, put chairs away.
  • Put whiteboard and other presenter items away.
  • Take trash out.
  • Put any unused beer, wine, etc. in back room
  • Turn off all lights
  • Close and lock all doors