Best Management Practices for Neighbors

Wayzata Yacht Club and the Wayzata Community Sailing Center both strive to be vital assets to our local community and an appreciated part of our immediate neighborhood.

  • Club members should always remember that we are in a residential community. Noise and congestion are key issues to our neighbors, and this should be considered at all times.
  • The use of public street parking in the neighborhoods should always be avoided.
  • Quiet hours means very quite. However we should be mindful of our noise impact at all times.
  • Neighbors can contact the club manager via cell phone 24/7 should the need arise. 612-701-3230.
  • Neighbors who adjoin WYC property are eligable to receive a comlimentry Honorary Membership level at WYC.

A Neighborhood Steering Committee exists to help identify problems and communicate with the local neighborhood. This committee provides a core group of neighbors, sailors, LMCD and City staff who have taken the time to learn the related issues that help maintain our vibrant sailing community and local neighborhood.


This Neighborhood Steering Committee is generally made up of (but not limited to) the following

  • Shady Lane Rep: Marty and Kate Bassett
  • LaSalle Rep: Karl Ludescher
  • LaSalle Rep:  Paul Penningroth
  • Bushaway Rep: Robert and Janet Sabes
  • WYC Community Liaison: Dallas Johnson
  • WCSC Community Liaison: Ross Siemers
  • LMCD Wayzata Rep: Dan Bassen
  • Wayzata City Manager: Bryan Gadow

These individuals are typically kept up to date via e-mail (and personal conversation or a rare meeting as needed) on any pending changes or business the two sailing organizations or neighborhood consider noteworthy.

This provides WYC and the WCSC with a valuable sounding-board that can alert us to issue we may not have realized. For neighbors this provides someone knowledgeable regarding club operations that they can talk to (or complain to) without having to feel confrontational toward the sailing groups.

These are not voting or legislative positions, but rather community liaisons who have volunteered to learn the related issues and individuals that form our neighborhood.