Racing Policies for WYC


Updated 04/10/2016
1)   Establish Your Finish Position
Note (and if possible write down) the time when you finish, either actual time or your elapsed time. Notice other boats around you at the finish, boats in your own class, boats in other classes, both ahead and behind your boat. It is particularly helpful to note a timed fleet boat near you to later be able to establish your time of finish.

The WYC Race Committee does an outstanding job. They audio record the finishes and the times. Yet when well over 100 boats participate in WYC races, the RC may miss recording your finish. When you note your finish position and time, and other boats nearby, you may be able to help fix a position for your boat, if missed. Back at the club you and the RC can listen to the tape to help accurately establish your finish if it was missed. Or, when asked, you may be able to help establish the position and/or time for another boat, whether in your class or a different class.

2)   The 6 Race Requirement
The WYC by-laws state a Full member who finishes 6 races/season in their boat maintains a mooring priority in the highest category — which is based primarily on membership seniority. If you finish the six races in a year and are in the marina that year, you are guaranteed a dock or buoy in WYC marina the following year, assuming you pay your fees timely and the water is deep enough.

3)   The 15 Race Requirement
The WYC by-laws state that the Board of Directors shall determine fees. The WYC BOD has established a two-tier mooring fee system; one system is for members who meet the 15 Race Requirement and the other is for members who do not. This allows the club to charge the higher “commercial market rate for docking on Lake Minnetonka” for mooring members who do not race at all, powerboats, or sailboat who are not active racers, while charging a lower “WYC Racer Mooring Rate” for active racers (those meeting the 15 race requirement). New members to the WYC who declare their intent to be active racers (at least 15 races) are automatically granted the racer mooring rate the first year mooring. 

What Races Count toward the 15 Race Requirement
All WYC keelboat races on Lake Minnetonka shown on WYC Current Season’s Racing Schedule may be counted toward the 15-race requirement. This includes all regular keelboat races for all classes plus, but not limited to, the regattas like Cool Cup, U-Gotta Regatta, J-22 Districts, and J-22 Fleet #1 Championship run by both the WYC and MYC Race Committees and other races shown on the WYC Schedule for keelboats on Lake Minnetonka. Lake Minnetonka moored boats taken to Lake Superior and sailed in Bayfield Race Week may receive up to three race credits.

5)   How To Receive Credit Against the 15 Race requirement For Cancelled, Abandoned, Did Not Finish, Etc.
The new WYC computer scoring system has a provision for scoring a competitor “ATT”, meaning “ATTENDED” when the race is Cancelled, Abandoned, or a racer receives a DNF (did not finish), or any of the other scoring abbreviations noted in A11 of the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), except DNC (did not come to the starting area). When races are cancelled or abandoned, the Race Committee will make an effort to stand by the race course and the committee boat dock to take sail numbers of competitors who pass by so they can immediately enter them into the WYC scoring computer as a “ATT” which gives the boat credit for that race even though there was no race.

6)   Substituting Certain Activities For Up to 3 of the 15 Race Requirement
Members must participate in at least 12 of the keelboat races scheduled in the WYC Schedule of Races. Members may substitute for up to 3 of the 15-race requirement by participating in associated club support activities. These include: 
        a)      Provide a boat for the “WYC On the Water Training” to be a Host Skipper. Three Saturdays equals the maximum 3 activities credits. Receive a WYC Host Skipper Hat for participating in 2 of the 3 Saturdays.
        b)      Be a Certified Guest Instructor for “WYC On the Water Training". Three Saturdays equals the maximum 3 activities credits. Receive a Prized Red WYC Guest Instructor Hat for 2 of the 3 Saturdays.
        c)      Participate in “Spring Cleanup Day”. 
        d)    Participate in another WYC event approved in advanced by the WYC BOD as recorded in the minutes. 

Organizers of the above events will keep lists of those qualifying for participation credit and enter the data into the WYC computer for the member’s credit. It would be a good idea for members to check the WYC scoring computer at the clubhouse or on the web to see that they were properly credited.

7)   Appealing an Unsatisfactory Scoring with a “Request For Redress”
If a competitor is dissatisfied with a scoring result they may file a request for redress in accordance with the RRS.

8)   Appealing to the WYC Board Of Directors the Missing of the 15 Race Requirement
A member who misses the 15-race requirement due to mitigating or extraordinary circumstances may appeal to the WYC BOD at season’s end.
        a)      When filed under mitigating circumstances the following applies:
                i)      Mitigating circumstances can be a change in employment or special family circumstances, which temporarily hinder the member’s ability to participate in racing.
               ii)       The BOD may rule that the member must pay the market rate for the forthcoming season, but upon meeting the 15-race requirement, receive a refund for the difference in rate.
               iii)      This exception will not be granted for 2 consecutive seasons.
        b)      When filed under extraordinary circumstances the following applies:
               i)      Extraordinary circumstances can be: prolonged illness or death, severe accident, or natural disaster, or severe boat damage, which precludes participation in races for an extended period of time.
              ii)      The BOD may grant an outright exception to the 15-race requirement and permit the member to pay the “Racing Rate” for the forthcoming season.
        c)      Appeals, which do not fall within the above guidelines/definitions, will be denied.