Official Special Fleet Rules

Official Special Feet Rules

WYC Sonar Fleet 5 - Fleet Special Rules – 2016 Edition

All Sonar Class Rules (“SCR”) are in effect for all races governed by the WYC Sailing Instructions, except as modified below:


Lonar will be held the Saturday of the 3rd Big Island Race. If the race can’t be held that Saturday due to weather, the backup date is the 4th Big Island Race. In unusual circumstances, this could be rescheduled. Whichever race the Lonar is raced in place of will not be scored as part of the Big Island Series. This modifies RRS 90.3a

National/International regattas:

Any boat that misses a race at WYC because an owner or skipper travels to a National US Sailing Sanctioned /International regatta (NA’s, Worlds, NOOD) will be scored for the WYC series races it misses that are held for the duration of the regatta in question, plus WYC races held 2 days before and 2 days after that regatta.

The place scored will be the average that the boat earns for the all of the races excluding the last race in the series in question. (0.05 to be rounded upward). This will be calculated for only the series in question. The place scored in the individual series in question will be used for scoring the overall season series (Champ or Sunset). This modifies RRS A2.

Charter Boats:

A chartered BOAT will be scored for club races as the sail number unless otherwise declared per WYC SI #25.6, not the crew.

One-Day Rumbles:

The Champ series race that is replaced by the One Day Rumble Regattas will NOT be scored. This modifies RRS 90.3a. 

Star of the North:

The Champ series race that takes place the weekend of the Star of the North will not be scored. This modifies RRS 90.3a

A Sonar may sail with one or more persons. This overrides SCR C.2.1(a)

Boats must pay fleet dues. Dues must be received by the fleet treasurer at least 5 business days prior to any race which is to be scored. This changes SI #2.3 by adding this eligibility requirement.

For purposes of selecting the Sonar Fleet's representative to Champ of Champs Regatta, Sonar representative will be based on then-known Thursday WYC race standings.

Official The S2 7.9 Fleet (MORC 1) Special Fleet Rules

The S2 7.9 Class Rules are in effect for all WYC series, governed by WYC Sailing Instructions. However, the following exceptions apply:

  1. There shall be no limit, nor minimum for number aboard.
  2. There shall be no limit or minimum for crew weight.
  3. Any sail may be replaced or substituted with any other legal sail at any time.
  4. There shall be no limit on the number of sails carried aboard.
  5. Newly constructed ‘medium-heavy’ genoas are not permitted. After 2012, racers may not purchase / construct genoas which have LP measurements of less than 14.50 feet but greater than 10.0 feet. An old sail may be 'cut down' or otherwise reduced in its sail area, but a new sail may not be designed or used for this purpose. Use of any such new sail shall be deemed a “prohibited modification” under the class rules.
  6. A boat may be awarded the average of its points scored in that series, for one (missed) race per series, if a boat and its crew have traveled to race in a class-sanctioned event. As such, the average of its points scored shall be rounded to the nearest whole number (with .5 or greater being rounded up to 1.0).
  7. Any individual, regardless of their membership in the class association, may act as skipper and may steer the boat at any time.

As a courtesy, S2 7.9 sailors are reminded that ALL OTHER class rules, including but not limited to

  • Minimum boat weights
  • Sail purchase limitations
  • Required equipment aboard
  • Sail construction limitations
  • Membership in the class association

WYC J-24 Fleet #1 Special Rules

  1. Modifies J/24 International Class Rule, C.2.1(a) CREW LIMITATIONS The crew shall consist of not less than three persons and not more than five persons OR the total crew weight (in swim wear) shall not exceed 400 kg (882 lbs.). Children under 12 do not count toward total crew number calculations.
  2. Modifies J/24 International Class Rule, C.10.2 SAILS LIMITATIONS During any regatta, a boat may only upgrade their sails once, and may use any previously used sails. The championship series is considered one regatta.
  3. WYC Sailing Instructions, 16 Scoring, 16.1 MODIFIED, THROW-OUTS A boat may exclude and discard race(s) for any J/24 Fleet #1, WYC Series that equates to one in every 6 races and two in every twelve races for a maximum of two discarded races within any series. 16.1 As permitted by RRS A2, boats may exclude one or more race scores from final series results according to the following table based on the number of races completed in a series.
  4. Completed
    1 2 3 4
    5 6 7 8 9 10 11
    12 13 14 15 16 17 18
     Counted 1 2 3 4 5 5 6 7 8 9 10 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

  5. WYC Sailing Instructions, 16 Scoring 16.1 AMENDED AVERAGE POINTS Any Fleet #1 J/24 missing a Wayzata Yacht Club race while participating in a J/24 class regatta, not on Lake Minnetonka, may be scored for the missed club race(s) with its average number of points in that series. Any Fleet #1 J/24 missing a Wayzata Yacht Club race while attending a training event sponsored by J/24 Fleet #1, on Lake Minnetonka, may be scored for the missed club race(s) with its average number of points in that series. Wayzata Yacht Club sponsored races that occur during any J/24 Fleet #1 sponsored regatta, on Lake Minnetonka, will not be scored as part of a Wayzata Yacht Club Series for J/24 Fleet #1.

J/22 Fleet #1 Special Rules – Average Points

A J/22 will be eligible to receive average points for missed WYC races as follows:

  • Average points will be awarded only for J/22s participating in regattas that have a stated J/22 class, racing as one-design.
  • No more than five average scores will be given to one J/22 within a calendar season.
  • Average points will be calculated based on RRS A10(b). Points equal to the average, to the nearest tenth of a point (0.05 to be rounded upward), of her points in all the races of that series (e.g., A, B, C, G, T, M) before the race in question (as permitted by WYC scoring program).

Any J/22 wishing to be credited average points for a missed race(s), must notify WYC J/22 Fleet Captain no later than 1 week prior to leaving for said event, requesting average points for the concerned races.

This changes Appendix A.

WYC Capri 25 Fleet 0 Special Rules

The Capri 25 One Design Fleet Rules (click to view) apply to all Capri 25s racing at WYC.