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Blake's HCW Regatta Interview

Blake annually ditches our Commodore Cup races to moonlight in Austraila at the Heaven Can Wait Regatta.

It's a cancer awarness eventthat Blakes works with in addition to his work.

A typical Thursday at WYC


Wine On Wayzata Bay


ADA Give Award

WYC was honored to recently accept the ADA Give Award 
for 10 years of ADA Fundraising.

Silly Video

Some OK photos with some cheesy transitions and regretful music of some great people having a fantastic time.

YOU TOO, can live the lifestyle of a rich and famous sailor
Check out our Start Sailng Now page or look into a Tuesday Evening or Saturday On The Water seminar. 
Crewing at WYC is the gateway drug to Sailing on Lake Minnetonka, Superior, and the world.

Lake Minnetonka History

Not everyone is the Lake Minnetonka history buff that I am, so check out this 3 minute abbreviated course in Lake Minnetonka history. Some of the photos I recognize in order of appearance include... (Please add/correct by e-mailing me)

  • Wayzata Bay landing at the current location of Sunset's
  • View from atop the hill in Wayzata where city hall now sits
  • The original "Narrows" channel to upper lake.
  • The 300' Belle of Minnetonka that once plied Minnetonka. 
  • Painting of the Lafayette Club 
  • 1:58 - Steambaot entering St Louis/Carson Bay taken from the St. Louis Hotel or Burton residence.
  • A photo likely the Burton sandbagger (sailboat) Volante. You can still see this boat moored off of Greenwood.  
  • The "new" Narrows channel and bridge.
  • 2:58 is a photo of the Big Island amusement park.
  • I'm actually in the photo at 3:09 about to pass Joel's A-Scow, which is only of interest to me.

Chewey Wins the Trans

2009 Trans Soo Story

Jimmy Wins Silver Fleet at Worlds

2008 J24 NAs Lakeshore Weekly Video Story

J24 North Americans
J24's  September 9/8-12


Congratulations to Champion Tim Healy and everyone who made this a great event. Linky



2007 U-Gotta Regatta Crash & Burn

The season is over

Handicap Sailing from Captain Hook

Handicap Sailing
Being made possible with our new docks.

Courtesy of


Warren Miller Goes Sailing

Warren Miller Goes Sailing
Ah....the good old days of Warren Miller doing a sailing film, slow ocean racing boats, Etchells that look just like they still do, and those scary 1980's short shorts that guys wore. This film is 25 minutes, so don't watch it at work!

This little blast from the past is courtesy of Warren Miller via Sailing Anarchy via someone who calls himself "slow cruiser" via YouTube via,  sponsored by Michelob.

Part 1 - 10 minutes

Part 2 - 10 minutes

Part 3 - 5 minutes