Sportsmanship Award

Sportsmanship Award

The WYC Sportsmanship Award

The Sportsmanship Award was donated to the Wayzata Yacht Club in 1968 by Paul Geyer. Paul was an active sailor in the club at that time, and created the award to recognize another sailor who he felt had "hung in there" and competed under circumstances that would have been overwhelming for most people.

This award is given to current members of WYC in good standing, for both a single act of sportsmanship or on-going sportsmanship behavior on and off the race course.

Note: Please let us know if you can help with filling in the blank years regarding why recipients were chosen.

bullet  2016 Dave Crum
bullet  2015 John Dyer
This year’s winner sails at the top of his fleet as both a driver and while crewing for others. At the same time, he is a great teacher and mentor for other sailors at WYC.  He has an encouraging word for everyone, and notices that one leg or that one maneuver that went well for others. On the water before the race, he coaches others on rig tension and sail trim for current conditions. After the race, he debriefs with competitors, offering tips, encouragement, and praise.  He is instrumental in building his fleet. He invites others to drive his boat, and mentors new boat owners, who have turned to him for guidance with boat purchase, maintenance, and repairs. He shows up whenever event volunteers are needed, and constantly works to improve fleet regattas, trophies, and sponsorships.  He is the epitome of sportsmanship, both on and off the racecourse.
bullet 2014 Steve Truax
For his endurance in every avenue of sailing promotion. During his 20+ years as a member of WYC, Steve Truax has introduced countless non-sailors to the sport and turned them into certifiably crazy sailors. He never leaves anyone at the dock, even if that means racing with 10 people on board. One year, his spirit of inclusiveness earned his boat the nickname ‘Holiday Inn’, because his crew never knew who they might sail with, from what region of the world. He has volunteered as fleet captain, commodore of LOWISA, at the May on-the-water seminars, Wine on Wayzata Bay, and multiple other club events. Sailing with Steve is always an adventure. He is a serious racer, but knows how to keep things fun. He’s won races while loaded down with Tiki torches Tiki gods, multiple well-stocked coolers, a Bimini, a sound system, a disco ball, and other party accessories. He is the only racer to build a permanent bar on the dock in front of his boat. He continuously studies and analyzes the racing rules of sailing and always acts with integrity on the race course. He doesn’t lose his temper, even when stuck in the middle of an S2 sandwich, or when his crew forgets to take the spinnaker down in the middle of a crowded leeward mark rounding. On and off the race course, he is the epitome of sportsmanship.
bullet 2013 Kurt Holtz, Jon Noller, Lars Hansen
For their superb representation of Wayzata Yacht Club globally.
bullet 2012 Judy Woellner
For her lifetime of sailing and showing great sportsmanship and support of others on and off the race course. 
bullet 2011 AIS Angisina Crew
Proving that perseverance pays off.
bullet 2010 Bill Brennom
The family that sails together, prevails together.
bullet 2009 Beth Rosenberger
Awarded for her enthusiastic representation of WYC in Regattas nationwide.
bullet 2008 Bert Foster
Awarded for his Olympic Paralympic Campaign.
bullet 2007 Blake Middleton
Awarded for his M.S. Fundraising through Team Sail.
bullet 2006 Dallas & Amy Johnson
Awarded for sailing and photography.
bullet 2005 The Brennom Family
Lara Brennom, John & Krisen Peterson, Nils & Michelle Brennom, & Doc.
bullet 2004 Sean “Seanman” Hendrickson
Awarded for his work with the Match Racing Program.
bullet 2003 Lynn Hines
Awarded posthumously for her enthusiasm, promotion, and love of sailing.
bullet 2002 Jan Petter (Yappa) Lovald, Jacob Lovald, & Kevin Kenny
Awarded for getting run over by a crazed powerboat and living to tell about it.
bullet 2001 Fred Sommer
Awarded for service as chairperson of the protest committee and his willingness to instruct on the rules of sailing.
bullet 2000 Not Awarded
bullet 1999 Randy Roland
bullet 1998 Lars Hansen
bullet 1997 Fred Sommer
bullet 1996 Larry Aubuchon & Ernie Brody
bullet 1995 Bruce Smith
bullet 1994 Jack Christofersen
bullet 1993 Willie Foster, Dean Pearson & Doug Pierce
bullet 1992 Beth & Eugene Rosenberger
bullet 1991 Bob Lutnicki
bullet 1990 Not Awarded
bullet 1989 Dave, Charlie, & David Onan
bullet 1988 Jan Hetland
bullet 1987 Dick Wisti
bullet 1984-6 Not Awarded
bullet 1983 Mike Andert
bullet 1982 Mike & Diane Fanberg
bullet 1981 Bill Bruntjen
bullet 1980 Bill Weidenbacher
bullet 1979 Chuck & Hilda Murray
bullet 1978 Not Awarded
bullet 1977 Ralph Blattner & D. Jensen
bullet 1976 Not Awarded
bullet 1975 Phil Cole
bullet 1974 Peter VanDusen
bullet 1973 Mike Andert
bullet 1972 Bruce Nicolle
bullet 1971 Ted Foot
bullet 1970 Bud Wunderlich
bullet 1969 Lana Dygert
bullet 1968 Bert Foster