Foster Award

Foster Award

The WYC Foster Award


The Foster Award was donated in 2002 by Dale “Dirt Ball” Anderson to honor Bert Foster for his 30 years of outstanding Race Management contribution to the WYC. The first year Dirt awarded it to Bert Foster and in future years it is to be awarded to recognize other outstanding race management contributors to the WYC.

Selection: The Foster Award is presented by the Chairman of the WYC Race Committee to a person who has made a great contribution to the WYC’s Race Management. It can be awarded to a person for years of service, to a young Race Officer for making great progress toward becoming a Principal Race Officer, or to other deserving contributors to WYC’s race management. This trophy is not necessarily awarded every year but is reserved for recognizing outstanding individuals and their contributions to race management.

bullet  2016 Danielle Anderson
Awarded for outstanding race officer duties execution.
bullet  2015 Charlie Onan
Awarded for ability to learn it all and execute it all as a race officer of the highest caliber.
bullet 2014 Kevin Kenny
Awarded for assistance in contributing towards maintaining a professional race committee.
bullet 2013 Cheryl Bangasser
Awarded for assistance in contributing towards maintaining a professional race committee.
bullet 2012 Chris Phoel
Awarded for showing great strides toward becoming a Principal Race Officer. 
bullet 2011 John (J.R.) Rainaldi
Awarded for outstanding Sonar Regattas organization throughout very adverse weather conditions.
bullet 2010 Not Awarded
bullet 2009 Andy Young
Awarded for superb attendance and filling in for no shows.
bullet 2008 Dusty Breitner
Awarded for exemplary support of and RC officiating.
bullet 2007 Ernie Brody
Awarded for scoring support at the club and countless regattas.
bullet 2006 Not Awarded
bullet 2005 Jarod Silverman
Awarded for outstanding race support.
bullet 2004 Blake Middleton
Awarded for being one of the finest PRO's in the nation.
bullet 2003 Fred Sommer
Awarded for years of patiently listening to countless WYC protests from sailors who hardly know port from windward.
bullet 2002 Bert Foster
Inaugural Recipient.