Club History

WYC History

FOUNDED: The Yacht Club was founded in the Spring of 1965 by 15 sailors who had purchased sailboats from Reed’s Quiet World. A few years before Reed’s had purchased a narrow un-buildable piece of land on Wayzata Bay to offer mooring for the newly invented fiberglass boats. This land extended east from our current turn-a-round area to the to the end of our current eastern shoreline. Reed’s eventually sold this land to the sailors. The new Wayzata Yacht Club formed racing and social programs to enhance the marina.

In the early days, with only the original property, our facilities consisted of a Satellite (port-a-potty) on the bulkhead. A new member once arrived with his Ensign and asked a member if this was where you catch the launch for the clubhouse. The member pointed to the Satellite and said, "That’s it".

ONE DESIGN: The racing schedule was initiated in 1965 with about 16 Ensigns and 15 O’Day Day sailors. By 1967 there were 28 Ensigns and 21 Day sailors plus about 22 other boats. Family membership was originally granted only to the 2 recognized classes. By 1968 there were 30 Ensigns, 32 Day sailors, and about 35 MORC boats. The PHRF class was added in about 1979. The 70's and early 80's saw a very competitive MORC handicap racing fleet.

In the late 70's a group of sailors made a fleet purchase of the first J24's produced and became the first one design J24 fleet in the world. The early 80's continued this with the J22 and the creation of J22 Fleet #1. WYC is also home to the rebirth of Capri 25 One Design sailing.  Sonar fleet #5 was added in the early 80's, and we also have one design racing for S27.9's, and our longstanding Ensign fleet. WYC is approximately 75% one design racing.

SECOND LAKE SHORE: The property west of the turn-a-round to the boat ramp included a dilapidated family cabin built in the late 1800’s. It was owned by the Oak Grove Marina, who sold bait and rented slips and fishing boats. After a long discussion within the club regarding the necessity for a clubhouse and additional space, the WYC obtained a first right of refusal and purchased the property in 1973 from his heirs.

CLUBHOUSE: The Clubhouse remained in the ramshackle cabin condition for several years. When water and sewer were made available in 1981 we razed the cabin and built our current clubhouse.

THIRD LAKE SHORE: The property west of the boat launch/clubhouse had been operated as a marina or boat landing since the early settlement days of the community. The current channel cut into the land was once covered by a boathouse that was used for floating boats into the workshop.  The existing marina had become rundown and was becoming an eyesore to the community.  WYC attempted to purchase the property, but the membership was unable to agree on a price and the property was sold to townhome developers. Fortunately the developer was unable to gain acceptable city permitting, the property became available again, and WYC purchased the marina in 1985.

WAYZATA COMMUNITY SAILING CENTER: In 2007 the childhood home of Dave Rosekrans (past US Sailing President) located west of the channel became available. The boom in housing prices made the property unaffordable for the club to purchase. Through the generosity of past commodore Denny Sanford and an army of smaller donors a purchase of the property was quickly arranged for just over 2 million dollars. The sailing center is a separate entity from the Wayzata Yacht Club, but they are a welcome neighbor housing Wayzata youth sailing programs, the sailing school, college and H.S. racing programs, and many community programs that would be impractical at the yacht club.

CURRENT MEMBERSHIP: We currently have five one-design fleets (S2 7.9, Ensign, J22, J24, Capri 25, & Sonar) plus handicap racing fleets using PHRF and MORC rules. There are over 600 members of various classes of memberships and 200 Full members on the mooring priority list.