Boat of the Year

Boat of the Year

The WYC Boat of the Year Award

The Boat of the Year Award was donated to the Wayzata Yacht Club by Quiet World Sports in 1975. It is to award both excellence in achieving first place finishes and a participation award for sailing many races. It originally came from a time when the yacht club only had a few fleets, and at the end of the year they took the two or three leading skippers in each fleet and had a sail-off in Ensigns. As the club grew, it became difficult to get borrowed boats, so the sail-off was dropped and instead was given to the boat with the most first place finishes during the season.

Starting in the 1993 season, the first place finishes are weighted by the number of participants for that fleet in each race, and is awarded to the boat that accumulates the most points.

bullet 2016 Ben Burgum
bullet 2015 Kevin McCullough & Michael Virnig
bullet 2014 Marty & Kathy Fossen
bullet 2013 Jerry Wintheiser & Family
bullet 2012 Eric & Lynne Roubal 
bullet 2011 Chuck Hutchinson
bullet 2010 Brennom Family
bullet 2009 Dave Brasch/Mike Bowers
bullet 2008 Brennom Family
bullet 2007 Ernie Worthley
bullet 2006 John Sligh
bullet 2005 Ernie Worthley
bullet 2004 Frank & C.J. Rainaldi
bullet 2003 Lars Hansen
bullet 2002 Chad Olness & Tom Murphy
bullet 2001 Jan & Karen Hetland
bullet 2000 Scott Erdmann & Dave Crum
bullet 1999 Lars Hansen
bullet 1998 Jan Hetland
bullet 1997 Dave Onan
bullet 1996 Mike Sulser & Nick Anderson
bullet 1995 Ernie Brody & Bert Foster
bullet 1994 Ernie Brody & Bert Foster
bullet 1993 Dave Onan
bullet 1992 Bert Foster & Ernie Brody
bullet 1991 Bert Foster & Ernie Brody
bullet 1990 Bert Foster & Ernie Brody
bullet 1989 Don Pearson
bullet 1988 Pat & Angie Kabris, Kizzy & Gary Christensen
bullet 1987 Gary Rolek
bullet 1986 Jerry Wintheiser & Steve Bowers
bullet 1985 Willy Crear
bullet 1984 Steve Levitus
bullet 1983 Dick Auer
bullet 1982 Larry Klick
bullet 1981 Paul Nelson
bullet 1980 Paul Nelson
bullet 1979 Ralph Turnquist
bullet 1978 Dave Onan
bullet 1977 Tom Jamieson
bullet 1976 Dick Borden
bullet 1975 Dave Lentz