Bail Bond Award

Bail Bond Award

The WYC Bail Bond Award

The Bail Bond Trophy was given to the Wayzata Yacht Club in 1966 by an anonymous donor to be presented to our first Commodore, Walt Brantingham. The award is called the Bail Bond Trophy because the City of Wayzata issued a warrant for Walt’s arrest for illegally mooring his yacht at the WYC. Fortunately Walt’s boat was moored in front of his house. Walt with the Club’s attorney sued for false arrest and the City dropped the warrant.

The Bail Bond Trophy is to awarded by the Commodore to a current member of WYC in good standing, who has demonstrated the greatest love, spirit, and care, for the Wayzata Yacht Club. This trophy is not necessarily awarded every year and is reserved for recognizing individuals for extraordinary efforts.

Note: Please let us know if you can help with filling in the blank years regarding why recipients were chosen.


 2016 Randy Gould
Awarded for coordinating the WYC PUD and Wayzata city future project forward planning.
bullet  2015 Dick Jackson
Awarded for creating and coordinating the WYC 50th Anniversary project.
bullet 2014 Apostle Islands Station, etal
Awarded for creating and maintaining an impressive sailing program on Lake Superior.
bullet 2013    Bert Foster
Awarded for assisting WCSC fundraising opportunities.
bullet 2012    Jonathan McDonagh
Awarded for negotiating the morass of Wayzata city hall and gaining a consensus for passage of the WYC/WCSC PUD agreement.
bullet 2011    Nicolie Hendrickson
Awared for her awards race trophies organization.
bullet 2010    Carmella Foster
Awared for her promoting all things social at WYC.
bullet 2009    Fred Sommer
Awared for his professional abritration of the many protests.
bullet 2008    Beth Frampton
Awarded for organizing, expanding and supervising the many seminar offerings hosted by WYC.
bullet 2007    The WYC Board of Directors: Merry Beth Hovey, Dallas Johnson, Jonathan McDonagh, Dutch Bull, Scott Brigham, Ernest Brody, Bert Foster,  George Hansen, Nicolie Hendrickson, Don Sundell, Ross Siemers, Tom Verburght, Pat Maloney, Travis Van Neste.
Awarded for their efforts in one of the club's busiest years, including the WSCS property aquisistion.
bullet 2006    Mark Janda
Awarded for his work with the WSF and the City of Wayzata.
bullet 2005    The W.S.F. Board of Directors: Ernest Brody, Mary Foster, Robb Harriss, Mark Janda, Pat Maloney, Beth Rosenberger, Ross Siemers, Leslie Skarra, Tom Tanner, and Mark Dunsworth.
Awarded for their efforts in the creation of thw Wayzata Sailing School.
bullet 2004    Steve Mulich
Awared for...well...just being himself. Need we say more.
bullet 2003    Dee Geary
Awarded for her work with organizing social events, catering, and fundraising for local charities through WYC.
bullet 2002    Angela Johnson
Awarded for her work in organizing the 2002 Silent Auction and AIS Raceweek.
bullet 2001    Genevieve Altier
Awarded for her work in organizing WYC Junior Olympic regattas and her service to the WYC Board.
bullet 2000    Steve Mulich
Awarded for his work with assisting youth sailing programs, including the UofM team and the Wayzata Sailing Foundation
bullet 1999    Dallas Johnson
Awarded for  work in creating the WYC web site, the Capri 25 fleet, and his service to the board.
bullet 1998    Ernest Brody
bullet 1997    Jack Christofersen
Awarded for his many many years of service to WYC as a board member, MORC Commodore, and scoring chairman.
bullet 1996    Steve Bren
Awarded for his work as our club manager and his many answers to calls above the call of duty.
bullet 1995    Doug Pierce
Awarded for his work as P.R.O. and actually being named in a lawsuit.
bullet 1994    Oscar Gutierrez
bullet 1993    Not Awarded
bullet 1992    Bob Albright
bullet 1991    Don Blaser
bullet 1990    Bob Albright
bullet 1989    Rich Anderson
Awarded for his excellent work as the club's first professional manager.
bullet 1988    Bert Foster
bullet 1987    Don Blaser
Spearheaded acquisition of west property.
bullet 1986    Not Awarded
bullet 1985    Marty Hammack
Awarded for heading up the club's social programs.
bullet 1984   Not Awarded
bullet 1983    Mike Fanberg
bullet 1982    Pete Weir
bullet 1981    Rod Wallace
Awarded for heading up club house construction and advances in dock administration.
bullet 1980    Rod Wallace
Awarded for heading up club house construction and advances in dock administration.
bullet 1979    Jim Lanning
bullet 1978    Al Jensen
bullet 1977   Jerry Baskfield
bullet 1976    Pete Weir
bullet 1975    Mike Andert
bullet 1974    Dick Jack
bullet 1973    Denny Sanford
bullet 1972    Bill Sorem
bullet 1971    Larry Klick
bullet 1970    Wells Eastman
bullet 1969    Pat Maloney
Awarded for obtaining a lease from Dennis Kilbane and developing a picnic grounds on Big Island including a swimming beach, dock, and bouys.
bullet 1968    Walt Goodlund
bullet 1967    Peter Van Dusen
bullet 1966    Walt Brantingham
Awarded for his action in behalf of the club after having an arrest warrant served for illegally mooring his boat. (false arrest)