Andy Crew Award

Andy Crew Award

The WYC Andy Crew Award

The Andy Crew Award was given to the Wayzata Yacht Club by Ross Bishop in memory of his brother Andy Yender. Andy died crewing on Ross’s Etchels 22 in Lake Michigan at the Chicago North American Championship.

The award is given to an outstanding crew who is a current member of the WYC in good standing. The recipient is selected by a group of previous 'Andy' winners and awarded by the prior year's winner. 

bullet 2016 Uta Moncur
bullet 2015 Danielle Lindeman
bullet 2014 Matt Resch
bullet 2013 S2 7.9 Tuesday Crew
bullet 2012 Bruce Martinson 
bullet 2011 Paul (Jake) Jacobs
bullet 2010 John Dyer
bullet 2009 Erik & Tammy Walstrom
bullet 2008 Mark Christensen
bullet 2007 Matt Johnson
bullet 2006 Mike Bares
bullet 2005 Mark Oppen
bullet 2004 John Peterson
bullet 2003 John Loomis
bullet 2002 Beth Burger
bullet 2001 John Munson
bullet 2000 Sue Olness
bullet 1999 Brennom Family
bullet 1998 Jon Nollar
bullet 1997 Matt Ratliff
bullet 1996 Augie Olson
bullet 1995 Roy Ringkjob
bullet 1994 Lindy Christofersen
bullet 1993 Dan Buesing
bullet 1992 Ray Hawkinson
bullet 1991 Al Moline
bullet 1990 Steve Kennedy
bullet 1989 Ron Myszkowski
bullet 1988 Crew of Nike
bullet 1987 Crew of Ulla La
bullet 1986 George Pawlick
bullet 1985 Bill Laughlin
bullet 1984 John Laughlin
bullet 1983 Mike Buesing
bullet 1982 Ericka & Diane Fanberg
bullet 1981 Crew of Edge
bullet 1980 Doug Maxwell
bullet 1979 Finlandia Female Crew