AIS MW Dobson Regatta

Apostle Island Station MW Dobson Regatta -- Bayfield Cup

M.W. Dobson started sailing on Lake Washington in Mankato, Minnesota in the 1960's. He was the commodore of the local yacht club and ran the committee boat.

Mervin was part of the Wayzata Yacht Club in the 60's and 70's, sailing with his son, Kenny. They initially shared driving duties on the boat, but ultimately Kenny's dad crewed for him! They sailed in the Yngling Class and on a 17' O'Day. M.W. was a member of the Apostle Islands Yacht Club in the seventies, as well. He and his family sailed a Pearson 35, named Windless. The Dobson family frequently sailed in the Caribbean and the Virgin Islands.

Kenny Dobson owns Black Hawk Boatyard and the well-known barge "Outer Island". He is a longstanding supporter of sailing and racing in The Apostles through Black Hawk and having contributed the committee boat and launch services during many Race Weeks.

The Bayfield sailing community greatly appreciates the support of these friends.