AIS-AD Hulings Trophy

Apostle Island Station AD 'Bill' Hulings Trophy -- Around Madeline Island Race

AD 'Bill' Hulings Trophy -- Around Madeline Island Race
A.D. "Bill" Hulings started sailing in 1948 on ‘Puffin’, an 18-foot lap strake, centerboard boat with a 28-foot mast built by Captain Hargrave, of Bayfield. Bill sailed from Sand Island in July and August and on the St. Croix River in Bayport in the spring and fall. In the mid 1950's, Bill purchased a "serious" boat, the "Mara", to sail in the Apostles throughout the summer. Bill was the fourth member of the Apostle Islands Yacht Club, along with Dr. Pierpont, Oscar Swee and Bill Peet. The Mara, a Swedish Kings Cruiser, will be sailing again in Bayfield in 2013.

Initially, the members used six packs as buoys! Bill was pleased to come in fourth, never mentioning that there were only four boats. Bill eventually moved to Madeline Island, with his wife, Betty. He sailed with Warren Jensch and Red Eldred in and around Madeline Island. That sailing became the inspiration for the AD "Bill" Hulings Around Madeline Island Trophy.

Bill's daughter, Mary H Rice, owns Maggie's, Wild Rice, and the Egg Toss. She is a longstanding supporter of sailboat racing in The Apostles, having sponsored the Maggie's Cup for over 25 years.