08-06-Parking Update

Parking Update - June 08

Parking at the Wayzata Yacht Club By Bert Foster

As many of you know, the WYC was very instrumental in helping the Wayzata Sailing Foundation buy the Rosekrans property next door, which has now been renamed the Wayzata Community Sailing Center (WCSC).  Part of the benefit to the WYC is to have a substantial number of additional parking spaces, particularly for Thursday night.

The plan has been to add about 20-30 additional parking spaces in the West Lot by moving all the Sailing School boats, sheds and racks to the WCSC.  However, that cannot happen until a bridge license is secured from the Lake Minnetonka Conservation District (LMCD) to install a bridge across the lagoon, as well as an LMCD dock license for the docks and slides on the WCSC property.  We appear before the LMCD on June 11th, and expect to get approval for the licenses.  The bridge will be built, the docks and slides will be installed, and the Sailing School boats will move across the lagoon.  Some of the boats will be dollied across the bridge and launch at the current small boat launch ramp, near the crane, and that launch ramp will remain for launching of Lasers and other car-top boats for the Tuesday evening small boat racing.

In addition to the above licenses and permits, the Sailing School had to get a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) from the City of Wayzata, which has taken a lot longer than anticipated when the property was initially purchased.  The CUP has now been approved by the City of Wayzata, but it included two requirements:

1.Students must be dropped off and picked up in the WYC West Parking Lot to keep traffic off Arlington Circle and away from the residents on Shady Lane.  This does not present a problem for the WYC, since the Sailing School operates at times when the WYC does not need parking, and the Sailing School has agreed to have all cars out of the West Lot before people arrive for Thursday night racing.  

2.No parking on Arlington Circle.  Not only has the city denied the WCSC plan to park 30 cars at right angles on the east side of Arlington Circle, but they said “no parking” and no drop off on Arlington Circle.  Currently there is only one “no parking here to corner” sign on the eastside and parking can legally take place unless/until “no parking” signs are erected.  

The WYC and the WCSC will continue to work with the City of Wayzata to:

1.Change the CUP to allow parallel parking for about 12 cars on the east side of Arlington Circle.

2.Remove the “no parking” signs from the North side of Eastman Road, beyond the car/trailer parking, which would give the club an additional 15-20 parking spots.  Our thinking behind the removal of those “no parking” signs is that they were there because there was a private residence across the street, but now that the Sailing School is there, it is perfectly appropriate to permit parking.  Whether we win that argument with the city remains to be seen.

3.Work with the city to allow us to “bag over” the “car trailer only” parking signs on the north side of Eastman Rd. on Thursdays from 4pm to 10pm.  With angle/double parking, we might have 30 cars.

REMINDER!!!  Please avoid parking in front of residents’ homes.  While it is legal to park on the street in a residential neighborhood, the yacht club is committed to being a “good neighbor” by encouraging our members to not park in front of the residences.  We have over 300 parking spots in our East and West lots combined, and that is where you should park.  

Membership Required and You Get a Parking Sticker
If you race at the club more than six times, policy says that you should become a Crew Member, and you therefore get a parking sticker to park in the lots.  We also have approval to park in the Bay Center, which after all, is only a short distance away.  Your cooperation in adhering to these policies will help keep the Wayzata Yacht Club a Good Neighbor.