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Crane Procedures

Club  Policies

  1. You must have a swipe card, and must have received instruction in the use of the crane.
  2. Only your boat can be lifted with your swipe care. Not your friends boat, not a stranger's boat, not the hemi from your Dodge.  The penalty for violating this rule is extreme.
  3. Swipe cards can be purchased with  your mooring payment, or by asking the club manager.
  4. For those without cards, see the scheduled dates on the club calendar.

Crane Use Guidelines


The crane operator is fully responsible for the equipment and people around the crane.

This crane is rated for 12,000 lbs. It has powered up/down - boom in/out - and powered rotation. Several buttons are multi speed. Please familiarize yourself with crane operation before use.


  • Never operate if a “DO NOT OPERATE” tag is attached.
  • Inspect crane and all rigging before moving load.
  • If inspection reveals any damage or crane is not operating properly: do not use the crane, report problem to club manager
  • Make sure pathway is clear
  • Use the correct straps for your boat (WYC straps will be labeled)
  • Straps must have a tag stating their lift capacity
  • Boats with sharp bows and sterns (like Typhoon) require a line between the two straps.
  • Do not use a lifting ring unless you are familiar with the characteristics of lifting your boat with the ring.


  • Wait 30 seconds after swiping your card before running crane.
  • Don’t lift your boat alone.  Bring two crew members to help.
  • Don’t operate with twisted or kinked straps
  • Lift and lower loads vertically.  An unbalanced load is dangerous. Make sure the rigging / strong-back is centered over the load, both fore and aft and starboard and port.
  • Apply power steadily to avoid jerking especially when rotating.  Stopping and starting causes boat to swing due to its weight.  In addition jogging the motors on the crane (repeatedly turning them on an off) causes undue wear and tear on the motors.
  • The up/down button is variable speed. Push to the first detent and the crane will lift at it's slowest speed. Push down further and it will begin accelerating. Return to the detent position and it will hold the current speed. Release the button and you will be back at the slowest speed.
  • Take your time, go only as fast as you are comfortable.
  • Never lift people or loads over people.
  • Use a bow and stern line to control the motion of the boat.
  • The crane will automatically shut down after 20 minutes but if your done early swipe your card to turn the crane off.  An unattended active crane is dangerous.
  •  If crane shuts down before you are done, re-swipe your card to turn on.


  • move the hook to its full up location
  • move the lift motor under its rain cover
  • point the boom towards the white house across the tracks
  • swipe your card to turn crane off.


  • Overnight storage of boats on trailers is not allowed (by city permits) on club property.
  • Backing into the lift area, lifting the boat, and then pulling the trailer out from under the boat, is often the fastest and best way to launch your boat.
  • If others are waiting to use the lift, please finish using the lift as soon as possible.


Boat Front Strap Aft Strap
S2.79 18 ft. 19 ft.
J24 17 ft. 18 ft.
J22 16 ft. 17 ft.
Sonar 17 ft. 18 ft.
Capris 25 19 ft. 18 ft.
Ensign 16 ft. 17 ft.