Club Policies

Club Policies

Policies of Wayzata Yacht Club

1. Vision & Mission

A. Vision

The Wayzata Yacht Club is a hub of dedicated, passionate sailboat racers nationally recognized for its leadership and growth of a preeminent, innovative regional sailboat racing community.

B. The Mission of The Wayzata Yacht Club is to:

1. Provide and promote an affordable variety of high quality, competitive sailboat racing.

2. Advance the sport of sailboat racing.

3. Support other racing programs.

4. Recruit new members.

5. Promote training and development.

6. Improve facilities.

7. Provide a relaxed social environment.

2. Membership

Wayzata Yacht Club does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national and ethnic origin in the selection of members.

A. Provisional Membership

During the first year of membership, a Full member applicant will be classified as a Provisional Member. Provisional Membership is a pre-requisite for Full Membership and requires the following:

1. One-time purchase of a membership certificate for $400;

2. Full dues; and

3. Annual mooring fee (if a yacht is moored at the club).

Provisional Members enjoy all the privileges of Full Membership except the right to vote or the right to hold office. A mooring priority number is assigned upon application acceptance. Provisional Members will be eligible for Full Membership upon earning 15 provisional membership points based on the following schedule:

Application Date Board Meeting Review

July 1 – Dec 31 June of following year

Jan 1 – June 30 December of same year

Provisional membership points may be earned as follows:

1. Race a minimum of 10 races in first year - 10 Points

2. Races over the minimum – 1 Point per race

3. Participation in club activities – 1 Point per activity

a. Training sessions

b. Club clean-up days

c. Help with social activities

d. Crew at Apostle Island Station races

If a Provisional Member does not earn the required 15 Points during their first year of membership, they may re-apply for a second year of provisional membership and a new mooring priority number will be assigned.

B. Partnerships

An Equity Partner is two or more people who own a boat together. At least one of the Equity Partners is required to have a Full Membership; the other partner(s) can be either a Full or Skipper Member. Equity boat partnerships are required to notify the club manager every year the names of all Equity Partners in the boat, identifying at least one or more Full Member partners.

Groups or partnerships that share expenses but not boat ownership, require the boat owner to be a Full Member. All others may be either Full, Skipper, or Crew members.

If the boat qualifies, each Full Member in a partnership will be eligible to receive a duplicate set of keeper trophies, but not traveling trophies.

C. Mooring Priority

See Article VII, Section I in the By-Laws.

Mooring may be denied to unusually large boats. Slips and buoys will be assigned to make the best use of available space. Members considering the purchase of boats should check with the Dock Committee for availability first.

D. Guest Policy
Guests are welcome:

1. To come to the WYC.

2. To park in the "Guest Section" of the east parking lot or to park on the street, but not in front of residential homes.

3. To sit at the "Crew Table Looking For a Ride" prior to races.

4. To be picked up by a skipper and race.

5. To enjoy free refreshments after the race.

However, if a guest develops a regular crew position or comes to the WYC to race more than 5 times, they are required to join the WYC as a crew member and pay the current crew membership fee.

3. Dues and Fees

A. Dues

Current WYC dues, fees or assessments must be received by the Club Manager prior to any race which is to be scored or counted for mooring priority purposes, the 15 race requirement or for series scoring purposes. After 60 days past due of due date, posting of past due members may occur at the discretion of the WYC Board. See Racing Policy.

B. Membership Certificate Entry Fee

The membership certificate entry fee is set at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Currently, this fee is $400.

C. Annual Dues

Annual dues are established by the Board of Directors at the December Board meeting for the following year. Full members receive a $30 discount with a US Sailing membership.

For 2016 the annual dues for each class of membership are:

Full Member $450

Skipper Member $320

Crew Member $100

4. Six (6) and Fifteen (15) Race Requirement

Wayzata Yacht Club has a two-tier mooring fee system based on the participation of a member in the racing program. This allows the club to charge a higher "commercial market rate" for mooring on Lake Minnetonka for members who do not race at all, powerboats, or sailboats who are not active racers. Active racers receive a lower "Racer Mooring Rate".

A. The Six Race Requirement

The WYC by-laws state a Full Member who finishes 6 races in a previous season maintains a mooring priority in the highest category the following season. This is based on membership seniority and requires timely payment of all dues and fees. If a racer finishes six races in a season and is moored in the marina that season, they are guaranteed a dock or buoy in WYC marina the following year.

B. The 15 Race Requirement

Members who meet the 15 race requirement will receive the Racer Mooring Rate for the following year. New members to the WYC who declare their intent to be active racers (at least 15 races) are automatically granted the racer mooring rate. Members must participate in a least 12 of the keelboat races scheduled in the WYC Schedule of Races. Members may substitute for up to 3 of the 15 race requirement by participating in associated club support activities. Participation points may be earned as follows:

1. Providing a boat for the "WYC on the Water Training" to be a Host Skipper. Three Saturdays equals the maximum 3 activity credits.

2. Being a Certified Guest Instructor for "WYC on the Water Training. Three Saturdays equals the maximum 3 activity credits.

3. Participating in "Spring Cleanup Day".

4. Participating in other WYC events approved in advanced by the WYC Board of Directors as recorded in the minutes.

Organizers of the above events will keep a list of those qualifying for participation credit and enter the data into the WYC computer for the member’s credit. It is recommended that members check the WYC scoring computer at the clubhouse or on the web to see that they were properly credited.

C. What Races Count toward the 15 Race Requirement

All WYC sponsored keelboat races on Lake Minnetonka shown on the schedule for this season may be counted toward the 15 race requirement. This includes all regular keelboat races for all classes plus, but not limited to, the following:

1. WYC Regattas such as the Cool Cup, U-Gotta Regatta, J-22 Districts,

2. J-22 Fleet #1 Championship with both WYC and MYC Races committees,

3. Other WYC sponsored races shown from time to time on the WYC Schedule for keelboats on Lake Minnetonka.

D. To Receive Credit Against the 15 Race requirement For Cancelled, Abandoned, or DNF Races

The WYC computer scoring system has a provision for giving competitors credit towards the 15 Race Requirement for attending a race that is cancelled, abandoned or where a racer receives a DNF (did not finish).

When races are cancelled or abandoned, the Race Committee will make an effort (not in lightening conditions) to stand by the race course and the committee boat dock to take sail numbers of competitors. Racers who pass by so the numbers can be immediately entered into the WYC scoring computer as "ATT" will receive credit for participation in that race even though there was no race or they were unable to complete it.

E. Appealing to the WYC Board of Directors

A member who does not complete the 15 race requirement due to mitigating or extraordinary circumstances may appeal to the WYC Board of Directors at season’s end in writing.

Mitigating circumstances may defined as a change in employment or special family circumstances which temporarily hinder the member’s ability to participate in racing. The Board of Directors may rule that the member must pay the market rate for the forthcoming season, but upon meeting the 15 race requirement, receive a refund for the difference in rate. This exception will not be granted for 2 consecutive seasons.

Extraordinary circumstances may include a prolonged illness or death, a severe accident, natural disaster, or severe boat damage that precludes participation in races for an extended period of time. The Board of Directors may grant an outright exception to the 15 race requirement and permit the member to pay the "Racer’s Rate" for the forthcoming season.

Appeals which do not fall within the above guidelines/definitions will be denied.

5. Scoring: WYC Racing Policies & Procedure

A. Establishing Your Finish Position

The WYC Race Committee does an outstanding job, yet when well over 100 boats participate, the Race Committee may miss recording a finish. Competitors should note (and if possible write down) their finishing time, either time of day or elapsed time. Note other boats around you at the finish. It is a good practice to confirm your position on the clubhouse computer following a race.

B. Correcting Scores (What to do if you are scored incorrectly)

If you are not scored correctly, the data you kept at the finish as suggested above will help. Immediately after the race you may contact the PRO or the Club Race Officer/ Scorer at the clubhouse to discuss the possible error and the correction may be able to be made on the spot. However, later if you discover an error, the following procedure applies:

1. Contact your Fleet Captain and convey whatever information you have.

2. Follow-up in writting to the Fleet Captain (e-mail preferred).

3. Your Fleet Captain will contact the Club Race Officer/Scorer to correct the results. You are asked NOT to contact the Club Race Officer/Scorer.

4. The Fleet Captain will contact the scorer by Email (only) with a subject line that reads "WYC Scoring Error."

C. Time Limit for Correcting Scores

You have 2 weeks at series end to make corrections. Official Race Results may be found on the WYC Scoring System at You can go on record before the two-week period ends, even if your Fleet Captain is out of town. You can do this by e-mail, US mail, voice mail, or phone calls to your Fleet Captain.

Two weeks after the last race of a series or cup race, the scoring is final. Complaints will not be accepted after the two-week time limit and race results shown on the WYC Scoring System will be considered final for awarding trophies, the 6-race requirement, and the 15-race requirement.

D. Special Requests by Fleets

A Fleet may make special requests regarding its activities within the WYC Racing Program. Special requests shall be made in writing by the Fleet Captain to the Race Committee Chairperson. The Race Committee Chairperson shall respond to these requests in writing. Reasonable requests will be honored and appropriate timelines will be applied.

6. Use of the  WYC Building and Grounds

The Wayzata Yacht Club building and grounds are for members’ use and enjoyment for sailing related purposes. We ask that any members using the facilities conduct themselves in a responsible and safe manner at all times and respect the rights of other members as well as our neighbors. Remember that the club is located in a residential area. Please help maintain the housekeeping by cleaning up before you leave the grounds.

A. Noise Policy:

1. The entire WYC facility is to be a Quiet Area Between 10:00 P.M. and 8:00 A.M. The WYC building and grounds, including the parking lots, shall be a quiet area during this time. This means hushed inside voices!

2. No outdoor speakers shall be used during events except the PA system for announcements during daylight hours. No other outdoor speakers or music speakers are allowed during events.

3. The Board of Directors may approve "Outdoor Live Music up to early evening hours" for a WYC Club Event. Such approval requires a written plan approved by the Board of Directors.

4. No outdoor live music for any private event

5. Indoor live music or any amplified sound, above quiet background music, may be approved by the Board of Directors for a WYC Club Event up to 10:00 P.M. with all patio doors kept closed during the music. Such approval requires a written plan approved by the WYC Board of Directors.

B. Use of Balcony:
Members are welcome to use the balcony up to 10:00 P.M.

C. Children under 12:

Children under 12 are not permitted at the club without parental, guardian or school instructor supervision. It is strongly recommended that all children wear life jackets while outside at the WYC.

D. Dogs or Pets:

Pets are allowed on the WYC grounds only if leashed and under control by owner. This does not apply to a possible caretaker security dog. Pets should be kept off the grass, out of the clubhouse and away from crowded socials. Any waste must be thoroughly cleaned from the ground immediately, under penalty of a $100 fine. Members violating this policy have the right to a hearing before the Board. A $100 fine for violation of any part of this rule may apply.

E. All Classes of Members May Use the Club Facility Any Time:

All classes of members may use the club facility without prior approval or registration for "General Use" such as before and after sailing, hanging out, picnics, using grills, tables and bathrooms. For an organized group greater than 15 the event must be registered with the Club Manager and avoid interfering with sailing events. All members are welcome to this use of the facility even if there is a registered event i.e. Fleet meeting, Board meeting or registered private party. It is expected that all parties cooperate and use extreme courtesy when sharing the facility.

F. General Requirements For All Private and Club Events:

1. There must be a person willing to take responsibility to supervise the entire event from beginning to end to ensure all club rules are followed. (Noise, clean up, securing the clubhouse, etc.).

a. For General WYC Sailing events this is usually the Club Manager.

b. For Fleet meetings, Board meeting, Committee meetings it is usually an Officer, Board Member, Committee Chair, Fleet Captain or Club Manager.

c. For private events it must be a Full Member who registers the event.

2. Registering an event does not provide the exclusive use of the club facility.

3. No live bands without WYC Board approval.

4. The WYC Noise Policy will be strictly enforced.

5. Clean up arrangements are to be assured.

6. The clubhouse must be properly secured after the event

7. The Club manager may require Board review of an event request.

8. Only one registered event is permitted at a time; the event cannot conflict with a regularly scheduled WYC event or another previously registered event.

G. Specific Rules For WYC Sailing or WYC Related Events

1. All WYC events noted on the Official WYC Schedule in the Sailing Instructions are automatically registered events and approved by the WYC Board of Directors.

2. May register up to a year ahead of time.

3. May require special Board approval.

4. There is no charge for use of the facility.

5. Arrangements for use of the beer and pop equipment may be made with the Club Manager.

H. Specific Rules For Private Events

1. The event may not exceed 75 people, whether they are club members or non-member guests.

2. May register no earlier than 6 weeks ahead of time to allow WYC Sailing related events to take priority.

3. The Full Member must take responsibility to supervise the entire event from beginning to end, and to be sure all the club rules are followed (noise, securing the club, clean up, etc.).

4. The Full Member accepts responsibility for a $1,000 fine for violating the noise policy.

5. The Full Member accepts responsibility for a $250 fine plus $50 per hour for cleaning the facility if they fail to properly clean up.

6. The Full Member must agree to and sign the WYC facility lease agreement and pay the applicable fees.

     a. $250 Security Deposit

     b. $75 Rental fee for groups of 15 to 25

     c. $125 Rental fee for groups of 26 to 50

     d. $175 Rental fee for groups of 51 to 75

7. Only one registered event is permitted at a time; the event can’t conflict with a regularly scheduled WYC event or another previously registered event.

8. The Club Manager may require Board review of an event request.

9. Registering an event does not provide the exclusive use of the club facility.

10. No live bands.

I. Alcohol Policy (NEW 2010)

All members and guests should monitor their use of alcohol, ensure that minors are not allowed access to alcohol and be vigilant about any incidents of driving or boating under the influence of any controlled substance. Behavior at WYC should not infringe upon the family friendly nature of our club and neighborhood.

1. The WYC supplied keg will be turned off approximately 3 hours after the committee boat docks, always within quiet hours, and be primarily operated by club members.

2. Any WYC Board Member, the Club Manager or an agent of the Manager (at their sole discretion) request that anyone on the WYC property cease their use of alcohol (club or privately supplied) if that individual appears to be excessively or inappropriately intoxicated.

3. If deemed necessary, the club may arrange for transportation home or take additional measures to ensure safety.

4. Failure to comply with these requests, or repeated incidents, are grounds for suspension or expulsion.

7. Parking

Club parking on race days is limited; therefore members are required to observe the following rules:

A. Vehicles parked in the parking lots must display current WYC parking stickers or be registered in the clubhouse guest registration book. The sticker must be displayed on the left rear of the vehicle either on the left rear bumper, adjacent paintwork or the left corner of the rear window.

B. The West parking lot will be reserved for Full and Skipper Members only.

C. The near end of the East parking lot (west of the electric pole) will be for Full, Skipper and Crew Members.

D. The far end of the East parking lot (east of the electric pole) will be for Full, Skipper and Crew Members and their guests.

E. Guest vehicles must be registered by a member in the registration book in the clubhouse. The registration will include the host's name, guest’s name, address, phone number, make of car and license number.

F. Vehicles should be parked as closely together as possible. The maximum distance apart should be two feet.

G. The drive through circle is intended for drop-off and pick-up only. Parking in the circle is not permitted and is subject to being towed. Parking in the handicap parking space is also subject to being towed with a $200 fine.

H. The parking area on County Road 16 has been designated by the City of Wayzata for vehicles with trailers only. Vehicles without trailers may be ticketed and towed by the Wayzata Police

I. Violation of the WYC Parking Policy may result in a difficult to remove "WYC Parking Violation Sticker" to be attached to the car’s window or the car being towed at the owner’s expense.

8. Halyards

All members must tie off their halyards before leaving their boat in order to eliminate all halyard noise in any wind condition. Failure to eliminate halyard noise can invoke anything from a minor fine to a severe penalty and may also cause you to lose credit for racing, entirely at the discretion of the club.

9. Advertising

No advertising on hulls, spars, sails or storage covers is permitted during WYC events in which all fleets are involved, unless approved by the Board-of-Directors.  This changes World Sailing Advertising Appendix 20. This policy does not limit a fleet’s ability to receive sponsorship from appropriate sponsors for a recognized regatta hosted by WYC.  The WYC Board reserves the right to reject a sponsor it deems inappropriate. Where a boat has visible sponsorship from a specific event, the boat must remove/cover advertising or replace enough panels in a sail to render the logo unrecognizable within 30-days.

10. Commercial Activity

Commercial business activities conducted on or from club property are prohibited, except where specifically approved by the WYC Board of Directors. Miscellaneous items such as T-shirts, food, and raffle tickets may be sold, incidental to approved events. Full Members may hire services for boat equipment or personal coaching.

11. Personal Property, Lifts and Trailers

A. Wayzata Yacht Club is not responsible for any lift, trailer or other personal property stored at the clubhouse.

B. Boat lifts are prohibited from docks B & C.

C. Boat lifts may not be stored along the shoreline or in the parking lots, but may remain in the water by the dock.

D. No trailers with or without boats may be parked overnight in the East Lot.

E. Trailers with or without boats may not be stored in the West Lot.

F. On occasion, generally around "put in" and "pull out" days, overnight parking may be allowed in the West lot if clearance has been obtained from the Club Manager.

12. Unlawful Acts

The Wayzata Yacht Club does not condone or tolerate unlawful activities on its premises. Premises include the buildings, grounds, docks and buoys. Boats moored at the docks and buoys are considered to be on the premises. Examples of unlawful acts are (but are not limited to) possession, use or sale of illegal controlled substances, loud or disorderly conduct, etc. A member who commits unlawful acts shall be subject to termination as described in Article IV.3.b of the Club Bylaws. Should the unlawful act be committed by a member's guest, the member shall be responsible and subject to termination as above.

13. Use of Club Logo

The Wayzata Yacht Club name and logo are the sole property of the Wayzata Yacht Club and may only be used with the written permission of the Wayzata Yacht Club Board of Directors. The Wayzata Yacht Club does not generally charge a licensing fee to businesses for use of the club name or logo, but reserves the right to do so at any time in the future. Use of the club name or logo is automatically granted to club members for team, fleet or WYC event promotion and fund-raising.

14. Use of Boat Crane

A. Club members may purchase an annual operation card for the crane (included in Full Membership dues).

B. This card is non-transferable and may be revolked without warning if used by the card holder for boats other than their own or those in a WYC recognized partnership.

C. Crane operation hours are dawn to dusk. No chemical washing is allowed. Crane boom shall be stored pointed at the white home across the street. A crane use orientation must be completed before any operator may use the crane. No overnight storage of keelboats on trailers is allowed.

D. Detailed operation guidelines are available at

15. Fleet Development

In the interest of remaining relevant with the sailboat racing community, Wayzata Yacht Club encourages Members to explore modern boat designs with an eye toward developing new fleets. A group of Full, Provisional, or Association Members who are owners of known one-design or very similar boats may apply to the Board of Directors for Establishment Class status (Bylaw Article VI, Section 1) for fleet development. Establishment Class status may be designated simultaneously for several different separate boat types each with its own division. To qualify for Establishment Class status the group of owners must propose a Class Rule defining the boat scantlings, specifications, allowed and disallowed equipment, etc. If there are configuration differences among the boats the proposal must define how these differences will be dealt with in scoring such as by time allowance or by level racing. The minimum number of boats for an Establishment Class shall be three (3). To continue being treated as an Establishment Class division the group of Members must meet the participation requirements described in Bylaw Article VI, Section 2 within three (3) years of the initiation of Establishment Class status. An Establishment Class division may be started with any recognized boat type at the discretion of the Race Committee and approval by the Board of Directors. The Race Committee may designate any course configuration it deems appropriate after consultation with Establishment Class division boat owners. Scoring of the Establishment Class division shall be separate as for any other WYC fleet. Trophies shall be awarded in the usual manner according to the Sailing Instruction related to Prizes.