Club Artwork

Club Artwork

Use of WYC Club Logo

The Wayzata Yacht Club name and logo are the sole property of the Wayzata Yacht Club and may only be used with the written permission of the Wayzata Yacht Club Board of Directors. The Wayzata Yacht Club does not generally charge a licensing fee to businesses for use of the club name or logo, but reserves the right to do so at any time in the future.

Use of the club name or logo is automatically granted to club members for team, fleet or WYC event  promotion and fundraising.

  • You are welcome to right click and use these images for appropriate uses. 


/Portals/0/images/wyclogo-final.JPG (246881 bytes)


Navy Blue    
PMS 188-1 Process    CMYK = 100 - 90 - 0 - 0    RGB = 20 - 35 - 109
Standard Red    
PMS 86-1 Process    CMYK = 0 - 100 - 90 - 0    RGB = 196 - 0 - 48
...or same colors as US Flag.

Font    Times New Roman,  Bold
Size Ratio    .61 height to width ratio, please refer to the artwork for further dimensions.

Flag Orientation
(Click for Large Image)
/Portals/0/wyclogo-final-left.jpg (16957 bytes)
When printed, the WYC logo should always be facing to the right (left facing is show here).
When placed on boats or vehicles, the burgee can be placed facing to the right if it is consistent with how an actual burgee would fly.
Actual burgees should also use the left facing design on the opposite side of the burgee with an opaque material between the two sides.